Quick Low Calorie Snacks

Looking for some ideas for a quick low calorie snack. I’m doing a high protein low carb diet so any help or motivation would be great!


  • L1zardQueen
    L1zardQueen Posts: 8,754 Member
    Sugar free jello cups?
  • breanamock
    breanamock Posts: 29 Member
    Not sure how low carb you're going, but I like an apple and cottage cheese. Beef jerky is also good, but definitely needs to be weighed; it's something I can never successfully "eyeball" an accurate serving of.
  • MamaMc3
    MamaMc3 Posts: 213 Member
    Cheese, beef sticks or jerky, tuna packets, deli meat, pickles, boiled eggs, Premier protein shakes (chocolate is the best, drink cold), Whisps
  • nehemiahlangston
    nehemiahlangston Posts: 1 Member
    Rice cakes, (wheat, only 35 calories per cake), with Nutella, (100 calories per tbsp.)
  • cmriverside
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    Cottage cheese with cucumber or tomato.

    Roasted chickpeas.

    Beef jerky.

    Celery and peanut butter.

    Greek yogurt and a handful of berries with some walnuts.

  • MrsSylvie
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    f you liked chocolate caramel turtles in past, i just got these low carb ones, they are pretty good!!
    80 calories and only 2 NETcarbs.


  • MeganD1704
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    Protein fluff :) low carb high protein. Depends on the powder you use calorie wise (look in the recipe forum for 10000000s of variations on protein fluff recipes)