Weekly weight loss goal when starting?

Hello MFP Family-

I keep going back and forth with what I should set my weekly weight loss goal at? I am 6’5, 420lbs and want to get to about 260 as my lifetime goal. I work inside an office but do get outside and play in the yard w my son and try to stay active around the house.

Should I set my goal at 1 lb a week, 1.5 lbs a week or 2 lbs a week? And should I set my activity as Sedentary or Lightly Active?

Thank you in advance!


  • Lynatea
    Lynatea Posts: 311 Member
    Consider starting at the 2 pounds a week, then lower that once you get like 20 pounds or so down. Your TDEE will begin to drop as you lose. As for activity, I keep mine to sedentary as I'm a stay home mom and get low exercise, under 5k steps with cycling at home 3x a week. That's kinda up to you to see what works for you.