UK friends?



  • dani_it
    dani_it Posts: 8 Member
    Hey I’m in London (though not originally from London). Feel free to add me :-) best of luck with your fitness journey
  • Funkynerdstar
    Funkynerdstar Posts: 3 Member
    Northern Ireland. Fat, Fifty, Fed Up! Working towards 2 stone weight loss by keto via IF 2MAD & WHM (breathing & cold showers). Bucketful of broken body parts from years of serving in the army (carrying too much weight, over far too long distances) followed by 20 years getting a fat @rse sat at a desk. I don't want to run a marathon (not yet, and never more than once). More muscle and more strength required.
  • jamie_conway20
    jamie_conway20 Posts: 1 Member
    Hi im jamie I'm from essex and just trying to loose the podge 😊 feel free to add me but new to this so may take me a while to work out how to accept currently trying to work out how to add people myself
  • Keef75
    Keef75 Posts: 546 Member
    Watcha, I’m Keith from Essex, I’m a fitness nut who enjoys functional training and Crossfit💪💪
  • jordanconroy23
    jordanconroy23 Posts: 65 Member
    Hi I’m uk
  • sophml15
    sophml15 Posts: 5 Member
    Hi. Newbie here. Feel free to add me. Need the motivation x
  • sophml15
    sophml15 Posts: 5 Member
    From Reading. But currently in Blackpool with the bf
  • HaFrMaZo
    HaFrMaZo Posts: 315 Member
    UK here
  • petethegamer29mfp
    petethegamer29mfp Posts: 15 Member
    Hiya. Lincoln here. Feel free to add
  • BigDougie1211
    BigDougie1211 Posts: 3,530 Member
    Belfast here.
    Anyone wants a bit of Irish encouragement, give me a shout.
  • CakeyPops234
    CakeyPops234 Posts: 33 Member
    Feel free to add me as not sure how to do it myself. I'm from Lincolnshire.
  • tomdoran29
    tomdoran29 Posts: 1 Member
    Black Country originally but living now in Sweden.
  • cloggsy71
    cloggsy71 Posts: 2,208 Member
    Hi :)

    Bedale, North Yorkshire here...

  • shaf238
    shaf238 Posts: 4,021 Member
    UK-based here :)
  • georgiamarsh1
    georgiamarsh1 Posts: 18 Member
    Lancashire, feel free to add me :)
  • NorthStar77
    NorthStar77 Posts: 1,046 Member
    Yorkshire boy in Twickenham
  • KerrieA87
    KerrieA87 Posts: 167 Member
    Feel free to add me, I’m in Leeds
  • capgordon81
    capgordon81 Posts: 105 Member
    From ardrossan on west coast of scotland
  • Benwaltersuk
    Benwaltersuk Posts: 11 Member
    Bristol here, happy to be added. The more to keep my foot to the for the better
  • soupy5813
    soupy5813 Posts: 24 Member
    Andy from Norfolk here