New to MFP (again), any friends? Accountability

Hey, I'm back after gaining weight from a sedentary job and COVID restlessness. I started at 200, I'm down to 187 now and it's getting challenging. Looking to get back to 160. I've never had a friend on here, looking to add people who want to track calories?
Also looking for an accountability partner to message with here, preferably another person looking to lose about 30 lbs. Let's do this!


  • graceojo999
    graceojo999 Posts: 95 Member
    Yes sure I was 187 a week or so ago and I also just got back on track. I am around 185 now. I initially started at 200 a while ago.
  • CoffeenSquats
    CoffeenSquats Posts: 982 Member
    Welcome back! 🍀 I'm just coming back, too.
  • rambosamee
    rambosamee Posts: 10 Member
    Welcome back, I'm in the same boat
  • jenpettipas
    jenpettipas Posts: 37 Member
    Hey! I need accountability as well. Nice to meet you!