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Hey guys, I've been exercising diligently for the past 7 weeks under quarantine and paying attention to what I've been eating, and I want to know if I'm doing this losing weight, toning up thing right.

Please note that I don't have any particular weight expectations, I would mostly like to decrease my fat percentage. My ultimate goal is to get rid of all the extra fat I feel I have (arms, back) and build up that bubble butt. Abs can show or not, I don't really care. I feel similar about my thighs and calves. Once all that is done, I then want to go into maintenance.
Also, I will note that it's been quarantine, so I've had plenty of time, but when I go back to my regular schedule, I will probably cut some of my exercise.

I feel like I've made progress (although my weight has stayed the same, my measurements are down some, and I seem to fit better in clothes). Indeed, I have less back fat and have abs for the first time in ever.

I'll preface this by saying that I've never been obese, and that I have been fit since about 1 year and half now (i.e. more or less where I want to be), and finally achieved my dress size goal in the last few months or so. Since then, I have been focused more on getting rid of fat and building up muscle.

My current measurements are: 0.74 Hip to Waist ratio; 57 kgs; 1m55 (see photos), late 20s. My current BMR is 1,233. The calculator says daily exercise or intense exercises 3-4 times/week = 1911 calories.

I'm currently targeting 1440 calorie consumption per day with a 40% CHO intake 30% Fat intake and 30% protein intake, making that a 500 calorie deficit.

I sometimes go over, to around 1600, and I do frequently overshoot my fat (love me that cheese) and sometimes undershoot some of my protein. I have that weekly cheat day where I head over close to 1800/2000. I do not count any of my exercise towards my calorie consumption.

I have not lost any weight in 7 weeks. Again, this doesn't really both me, it just seems like I should have.

My current workout plan is as follows (Day 1 & 2 are done 3 times in a row, with one rest day, where I restrict my calories with a 24 hour fast and only eat in the evening):

Day 1
1/ Vibration Plate exercises (30 seconds each of squats; press ups; step ups *2 ; side planks *2 ; Glute Bridge ; One Legged Glute Bridge *2 ; V Abs ; Curtsy Lunges *2 ; Plank *2; calf raise). I take 1m30 of a break, and repeat this circuit 3 times. Initially, I didn't take a break, and didn't really mind. I still don't think I would need it as some of the exercises are less difficult. This brings me to 30 minutes.

2/ HIIT Cardio. I then do 15-25 minutes of HIIT Cardio with an app called Oomph that does boxing conditioning. Some of the exercises are kind of the same. I try and swap the squats out for other exercises when I can.
3/ Relaxing Yoga - 30 minutes.

Day 2
1/ Cardio, often Zumba - Anytime between 20 minutes to an hour. Usually close to 40 minutes
2/ Brisk Walk/Regular Walk minimum 40 minutes - 120 minutes.
3/ Vinyasa Yoga - 30 minutes. Here, you end up doing some strength exercises in fact.

Can you see anything I can do better?
Am I eating enough? Is my nutrition right?
Am I working out too much? What would you cut out first?
I know you can't spot reduce but I feel my arms are huge. I wouldn't mind putting on muscle, but I mostly want them to be thinner.

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  • briscogunbriscogun Member Posts: 819 Member Member Posts: 819 Member
    I have not lost any weight in 7 weeks. Again, this doesn't really both me, it just seems like I should have.

    If you haven't lost any weight in 7 weeks then you are probably eating at maintenance and not in a deficit. I would really look at your tracking and make sure you are truly weighing/measuring everything that you are ingesting. Not just using estimates or finding MFP entries that look "about right". 9 times out of 10 this is usually the answer.
    I know you can't spot reduce but I feel my arms are huge. I wouldn't mind putting on muscle, but I mostly want them to be thinner.

    You nailed it right here. The body will do what the body will do and there is literally nothing you can do and there are no exercises you can perform that will help you with one specific body part. I know for me when I go into weight loss mode I start to lose from my extremities first and then into my torso/belly last. It's like it all starts from the farthest out points and works its way in. Nothing I can do. Would I like my pants to fit better faster? Sure. Can I do anything about it? Just keep losing weight until I get there I suppose.
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