Hey there!

DanielleJeanne90 Posts: 4 Member
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Hey all! 3 years ago I used this and lost 30lbs quickly and felt so much better! But after a bunch of crap and a divorce I'm back to lose more and feel better!
Would love to add some friends!


  • CoffeenSquats
    CoffeenSquats Posts: 982 Member
    Welcome back! You're gonna do great!
  • mtngrl3
    mtngrl3 Posts: 58 Member
    I feel ya! Going thru divorce too (almost done)..... back on here after a hiatus, add me!
  • UVAPhan
    UVAPhan Posts: 21 Member
    Same boat as well. I lost a ton but due to similar circumstances I've started gaining it back. It always helps to have others help you along and give you motivation!
  • SteppenFetchit
    SteppenFetchit Posts: 39 Member
    Welcome back! I'm not going through a divorce or anything but I've been on here three or four times, lose 30 or so lbs only to put it back on in six months or so.

    I just started back and could use the camaraderie and support too. Let's do this!