Returning to the app

nay96nay Posts: 6 Member
Hey there, I'll reintroduce myself. I used this app a couple of years ago to help support my weightloss... I then went off the rails and did weightgain 😂 I'm currently two stone down from my heaviest and keen to lose more.
I'm a primary school teacher, I love to dance, I'm 23, I need motivation and accountability.

Feel free to add me/comment/message/whatever... I need all the help I can get xo


  • CoffeenSquats
    CoffeenSquats Posts: 982 Member
    Welcome back!
  • SteppenFetchit
    SteppenFetchit Posts: 39 Member
    Welcome back! Sounds like you have a good attitude and the drive to make it happen! Stay consistent, be persistent and good things will happen!