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How many cal do you maintain at 62 yrs 127 lbs 5’2”

jojomv1076jojomv1076 Member Posts: 2 Member Member Posts: 2 Member
62 yrs old, 5’2”, 127 lbs.
Just starting maintenance. Exercise is walking 60-90 minutes per day. Interested to hear from others with similar profile that have been successfully maintaining. How many calories per day have you been maintaining at? I have set at sedentary 1,390 and log walking exercise but hesitate to eat any of the walking/exercise calories back. It is my intention to continue to Log as previously when I stopped logging, I regained everything.


  • AnnPT77AnnPT77 Member Posts: 15,075 Member Member Posts: 15,075 Member
    I'm taller, 5'5", maintaining for 4+ years now through a range of weights (all low-to-mid normal BMI range), currently age 64, 132 pounds this morning, sedentary outside of intentional exercise, and maintain on something in the 2100-ish range net calories, plus eat all my exercise, so maybe 2300-2400 gross on active days. Usually, I try to do something active 6 days a week (spin class 2 days, on water rowing in season 4 days), a bit less in Winter.

    I'm in "a bit less" workout mode during coronavirus stay-at-home times, but taking some walks and doing some rowing machine workouts, few minutes of yoga/stretching most days, and occasional other exercise with weights, bands, etc. I'm also working on ultra-slowly losing a few pounds again, which has gotten easier without restaurant/social temptations. Eating more like 1850 net to do that, most days. I log most of the time, but not every day. My overall approach is calorie banking, eating a little under actual maintenance calories most days, but over maintenance occasionally - that suits my personality and preferences better.

    People of similar size can maintain at a variety of calorie levels, for a variety of reasons. There are various ways to figure out maintenance calories, if you're not sure. Discussion of that in this thread:
  • LivingtheLeanDreamLivingtheLeanDream Member Posts: 12,836 Member Member Posts: 12,836 Member
    You have same stats basically as me apart from age, I'm 50 - I maintain on 2000 calories a day but I am active and average 15000 steps a day (mix of running/cycling/walking). I have a +/-5lb weight range, when it veers on the higher side its time to cut back on the intake for a while.
    I'm in my 7th year of maintenance.

    Eat those exercise calories back, enjoy them :smiley: and remember you will see spikes in weight when you increase calories but give it around a month and then you'll really see what calories you can maintain on.
  • fiddletimefiddletime Member Posts: 1,864 Member Member Posts: 1,864 Member
    I’m 65 yo F, 127# and my maintenance is 1340 calories plus I eat back three-quarters of my vigorous exercise calories. If I get lax I immediately gain. I’m aiming to lose a few more pounds as this is my upper maintenance point.

    Over the years I’ve learned through weight gain (or loss) how to tweak those exercise calories. To me, that’s the tricky part. If you don’t eat any walking calories back and continue to lose weight, try adding half of the suggested walking calories and see how that goes.
  • spiriteagle99spiriteagle99 Member Posts: 2,645 Member Member Posts: 2,645 Member
    I'm 63, 5'5.5" and 121 lbs. MFP gave me 1450 calories for maintenance, but I kept losing on that so raised the goal. I aim for 1600 calories net, but often go over by a little or a lot. My weekly digest is usually over by about 1000 calories a week. I eat all my exercise calories. I am sedentary most of the day, but walk the dog 2-3 miles and run about 40 mpw, so burn a lot of exercise calories.
  • SummerSkierSummerSkier Member, Premium Posts: 1,258 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,258 Member
    I am 61, 100 lb and a little over 5.1, I have been in maintenance since 2017. And really all maintaining is "for me" is losing and gaining the same 2-5 pounds over and and over. lol. As far as exactly how many calories it takes to maintain? What I am discovering this year is that working from home means less. And it's not that I am not active and doing running walking and riding. It's just apparently I SIT a lot more. And my Apple watch trends clearly show this starting in Mid March I stand almost an average of 2 minutes less per hour (14 vs 16) than I did when I was in the office M-F.

    The best advice I can offer you is to keep on tracking and weighing while you settle in to maintaining and adjust as needed. Use a good trending weight ap as you need to think longer term and not react to spikes or drops on a daily or even sometimes a weekly basis. Since each of us "counts" our calories different and eats differently your specific calories will be unique to you and not only that they may change over time because of things we can't even understand. The body is a mysterious crittur and sometimes doesn't respond as we think it will.

    Best of luck and how was your first week?!
  • aho1579aho1579 Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
    I am 5’4 141 lbs 64 years old. I am maintaining on 1470 calories a day I walk 6x a week at a fast pace for 50 min. Right now I am sitting at home more so I need less.
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