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Jump up 10 lbs. in the next 4 months

amend118amend118 Member Posts: 5 Member Member Posts: 5 Member
For all you hardcore weightlifters and calisthenic freaks of nature. I am trying to gain 10 lbs. in the next 4 months, only using what is currently available. I am incarcerated, but we have a weight room with nothing but cable weights and endless amounts of pull-up bars, dip bars, and jump ropes. I am at 171 lbs. but trying to get to 180-181 lbs. My issue is that last year I was on an inmate fire crew (Wildland Firefighting.) So between exercising, hiking and fighting fires, it was next to impossible for me to gain anymore weight.
Anyways, what would you recommend in my situation with the limited resources available?


  • Justin_7272Justin_7272 Member Posts: 243 Member Member Posts: 243 Member
    10lbs over 12 weeks is .85lbs/week, which would be roughly a 3000 cal surplus per week/450 per day. It's definitely doable if food is readily available.
    If so, it's then a matter of whether you want to do a dirty bulk (i.e. without regard to body composition & eat whatever) or a clean bulk (focus on macros). If it doesn't matter to you, eat whatever you want.
    Strength training doesn't burn many calories, so I'd keep up with that as much as possible to try to maintain decent body composition (fwiw, you will have some fluff adding 10lbs that fast). If you're doing cardio workouts or other strenuous cardio-like activities, your caloric burn will go up, and you'll need to eat more to make up the difference. Best of luck!
  • giancarlov1191giancarlov1191 Member, Premium Posts: 328 Member Member, Premium Posts: 328 Member
    It does sound like you're pretty active so Justin is right, it's going to come down to getting those calories.
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