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Weight Gain?

candi_82candi_82 Member Posts: 2 Member Member Posts: 2 Member
I started about 4/5 weeks ago. Lost 15 lbs quickly, but over the last several days, I’ve gained 3 1/2lbs.

I’ve read it’s normal, but I’m curious, anyone else seeing this?

I weigh and measure my food. I track everything. Eat an M&M, I track it. I walk 3-5 miles everyday.

Just frustrated because this has never happened before.

(I’m 37, 265lbs - friend requests welcome.)


  • brittanystebbins95brittanystebbins95 Member Posts: 507 Member Member Posts: 507 Member
    Weight can fluctuate by a few pounds due to water depending on stress, hormones, muscles trying to repair themselves, and numerous other factors. If you're being consistent, I wouldn't worry about it.
  • mcwhitmcwhit Member Posts: 45 Member Member Posts: 45 Member
    15 pounds in 4-5 weeks is amazing!!! Your body is likely just adjusting.
  • 5Katey5Katey Member Posts: 48 Member Member Posts: 48 Member
    Don't worry about 3.5lbs. I went down 4lbs in 1 day! I only weigh once a week, so when I was up a pound after a week of total on track, I freaked out a bit and weighed again the next day and was down 4. I think I just retain alot of fluid at times. Just give a couple days and weigh again maybe.
  • mrmota70mrmota70 Member, Premium Posts: 36 Member Member, Premium Posts: 36 Member
    I’ve just experienced my 2nd bump up this week. I was in the hospital with pneumonia this past x-mas week. During my stay I reset and left with some parting gifts. Oxygen tank, and also I was given a diuretic that was prescribed to keep my liquid retention down for lungs to remain fluid free. That was only for a few weeks for both. In that time I started my redo of food consumption. In my Drs follow up I had dropped a few lbs. Over the next few weeks I gained a few lbs back and it took me several weeks to start back down and that was after I started doing cardio after Dr approved physical activity. I knew I’d gain some water weight back. Several months later I now work out M-F 45-60 mins with a 90 min session on Saturday and rest on Sundays. I’ve had hypertension for 10 plus years so was on some meds. A low dose “diuretic” and a beta blocker. This past week was no different sticking to my workouts and I’ve been losing. A few weeks back I went to dentist and standard practice I had temp and bp checked and my bp was alarmingly low. Got on the phone with Dr. afterwards and was instructed to reduce by half one of the meds. However I decided to stop all meds(my bp was averaging 103/58) over the weekend and follow up with Dr on Monday. I was experiencing no low bp effects which is why I decided to seize meds. On Monday when I told the Drs nurse and she relayed info. to him he decided to let me drop all the meds as long as I check my bp and report back any major bump up in bp. This coming Thursday is 2 weeks without any bp meds and my bp is in normal range low 120s/ over low 70s. So like back in Jan. two weeks back a diuretic was removed and I didn’t think muscle gain was a factor over a 1 week period. I expect to plateau and gain a few lbs over the next few weeks as my body adjusts to no meds. That’s a win itself. Keep at it. I am sure not going back. Hell last night I did 60 mins of elliptical. I haven’t done that in 6-8 years. Don’t see a few lbs back on as discouraging if your sticking to your nutrition and an exercise program that works for you keep at it. Your evolving and the body needs to adjust as other have pointed out. Hang tough.
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