Years struggling with weight gain now pregnant losing weight?

So Iv been hounded on here over years so all you guys have actually said basically I’m lying about how much I eat as how could I possibly not lose weight if what I was logging is correct ... as I put on 4 stone in 2 years.

Well found out I was pregnant as currently 15 weeks and bam now Iv lost 1 stone 7lb and still dropping weekly

Iv not changed my diet at all other than feeling nauseous so I’d say I’m eating exactly same if not more than when I’m trying to diet and stuck at home on lock down not able to exercise as I suffer SPD

I’m so confused 🤷🏻‍♀️ your meant to put on weight while pregnant so is there anyway my hormones have been affecting my weight over last few years and what would cause that stubborn weight to gain and stick ?

I’m not looking for horrible arguments I’m genuinely confused and worried about my body as to why it’s losing weight when I should be gaining weight 🤷🏻‍♀️


  • ruqayyahsmum
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    It's a question for your medical team hun

    I lost 4 stone in my sons pregnancy (25 weeks) but it was due to me being very ill despite the hospital trying to feed me hourly

    If the nausea is preventing you from eating enough they can prescribe medication
  • jelleigh
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    I have a friend who swears she's been faithfully to the calorie following her diet for months and seen like 3 lb loss when she should be seeing far more. Her doctors ran tests and her hormones are out of whack. She's getting treatment now and her weight is falling.

    I have a dr in a specialized metabolism clinic and he essentially says Weight loss IS CICO but your body has to be working properly. And that hormones (insulin being one of them) play a large role. Not sure how it would all interact with pregnancy hormones but it's worth asking your doctor's about it .
    I also don't know much about this but logically, you ARE growing a person and the stuff for that comes from your body. Any research out there on if that just requires a higher calorie input? Maybe that coupled with eating a bit less from nauaesea ?
  • rcervetto
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    When I was pregnant with my first, I naturally lost weight during the first 1/3-1/2 of my pregnancy due to cutting out alcohol (had a few glasses of wine most evenings, so a fairly significant number of calories) as well as not being hungry; wasn't nauseous per se, but nothing ever sounded appetizing.

    I would speak to your doctor and see if they are concerned. I was in the overweight BMI category before getting pregnant, so mine wasn't concerned with my ~10 pound drop. I eventually started gaining weight at some point during the second trimester.
  • illywood
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    Definitely go see the doctor! I lost almost thirty pounds with my first pregnancy from being nauseated and vomiting. The doctor prescribed phenergan, which I vomited back up. They switched me to zophran, and I was finally able to stop vomiting all the time. I still did, just not as much. I didn’t gain back any weight, but stoped losing weight. Unfortunately I gained all that weight back with my second pregnancy. I’ve struggled with weight loss all my life, and now finally I’m making progress. I went to a nutritionist for six months, which I had in the past, but this one actually taught me things more like a food therapist. I learned about macros, that I wasn’t getting anywhere near enough protein. I learned dairy has as much protein as meat ounce per ounce, but a highly calorie content (depending on the specific dairy or meat you choose). I learned a lot of new ways of doing things... how I thought about my body wasn’t helping, I needed to be kinder to myself. It sounds obvious, but for me all of my weight issues go back to eating disorders, so I didn’t think clearly... like not eating at all one day because I ate too many calories the day before. I had to learn that my body still needs food every day, no matter what I ate the day before. I had to forgive myself and take care of my body. I learned that my biggest motivation is my kids. I want to be healthy for them, and it keeps me going when I struggle. I want to be able to keep up with them when they run, and pick them up for a piggy back, as long as I can... no matter how big they get. I hope this helps. Good luck on your journey, and congratulations on the baby!
  • laurapal00
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    First of all, congratulations on your pregnancy! 😊

    As everyone said before, talk to your doctors, they will tell you if everything is fine and will check your bloodwork.

    Something similar happened to me. I was around 10kg overweight when I got pregnant. I gained 3kg in the first 3 months: I felt fine, no nauseas but I was not very active (afraid of losing it since I had a miscarriage before). In the second trimester I gained 2-3 more kg: I was not very hungry, felt fine and I was quiteactive, because of my job and I also went walking almost everyday. And in the last trimester is when I started losing weight: I basically stayed at the same weight, even losing 0,5kg the last month. I was feeling great, worked until a week before giving birth and I ate all I wanted, but was not really much more hungry. I gained only 6kg during the whole pregnancy. I really lost body fat, my face and arms were much leaner. I used to say I had a small cute parasite inside of me sucking my life away...

    My doctor said it was fine, since my baby was gaining weight, my bloodwork was normal and my ultrasounds too. Sometimes it happens with overweight women: in fact they recommend you to gain less than 6-7kg if you are overweight.

    My baby is 7 months old already and I lost the 6kg in the first week of giving birth (it was basically her 3kg + placenta, etc), plus 7kg more in the last 4 months: no longer overweight, healthy BMI ☺️💪🏼