Once more, with feeling!

Hi, I'm Rikki.

I'm not exactly new. I'm re-new, or new again or new plus...

I've been obese most of my life. I've tried losing weight more times than I can count. I did have a time when it was working and I was no longer obese, just over weight... but, unfortunately I am a people-pleaser, and some people I care/d for said some insensitive things and my brain was like, "Oh, they don't love me smaller. Welp, gotta get bigger again."

Some of them are out of my life, some still in. I made my choices and I'm ready to make a new one.

I can't control someone else's feelings, only my own and how I react.

But down to brass tax:

I used to be on here before, YEARS ago. I used to run weight loss/fitness/nutrition challenges (there was a zombie challenge that I ran with a few others, a superhero challenge) it was so much fun and I made friends who I am no longer in contact with, which is so sad because I think of them all the time :smile: I can't remember that screen name so I've re-made a few since then.

I'd love to make some more friends

So, here's a little about me if you're looking for friends:
-I love movies/tv (pretty much any form of entertainment
-I love comic books (Kitty Pryde is my favorite superhero, if you couldn't already tell, haha)
-I love video games (I don't get to play as often as I'd like)
-I just 'changed my career' for the better in the long run, but I'm not making as much money as I was, so I'm adjusting to a new budget
-Also with the 'changed my career', I went from a job where I moved around a lot to an office job.
-The only social media I use is Tumblr
-My boyfriend is a DM so my humor is starting to have more DnD references in it
-Lately I've been obsessed with Cara Dune from the Mandalorian
-The subject of this message is actually the name of an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer :smile:
-I'm a Ravenclaw