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App not working properly

nikkimksnikkimks Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
I'm new to MFP. I started yesterday but having some issues with the app.

I synced my samsung galaxy watch to the app which was straight forward however, after using Map My Ride when going for a bike ride thr results was automatically entered onto MFP twice, once through the MMR app and once through my watch. Resulting in my remaining calories to be too high.

The 2nd problem is, I've looked back at yesterday's results and there has been 30 more bike ride exercises added for yesterday (I definitely didn't do that amount 😆) I deleted them but then it automatically starts adding them again. HELP!!!!!!

What am I doing wrong?



  • PAV8888PAV8888 Member Posts: 7,143 Member Member Posts: 7,143 Member
    How about disconnecting all the apps and connections back and forth.

    SIGN OUT of all the apps after the disconnection, including out of both the web and phone versions or anywhere else you might be logged in to any of the apps.

    Log in one app at a time making sure they're not connected.

    After making sure nothing is happening (a good 24 hours probably), then proceed to connect one app at a time thinking about what each of them might be offering in terms of relevant input.

    For example in our current situation... what is map my ride offering to you if your watch has already recorded the cycling event?

    Alternatively, if your watch is connected to map my ride and received the cycling event, why would you SEPARATELY connect map my ride to MFP in addition to the watch?

    You're the one who has to define the pipeline. Beyond that, the only thing you're doing wrong is assuming that because an option exists, this means that it will work correctly and without bugs!
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  • roger00022000roger00022000 Member Posts: 6 Member Member Posts: 6 Member
    I have seen this with Samsung Health also. Basically, what is happening is that all the apps are linked and every time they sync, they read/write the same data to each other, so the one that first reported the activity gets it rewritten the next time it syncs. It gets stuck in a loop, and the only way to fix it is to only have one of them capable of writing the data. I have the permissions in Samsung Health set to be the one that sends the data out only.
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