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Low carb sweets?

lsarduylsarduy Member, Premium Posts: 2 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2 Member
Anyone know of a low carb sweets that can be made or bought?


  • KrissFlavoredKrissFlavored Member Posts: 346 Member Member Posts: 346 Member
    There is tons and tons of them, google for them, when I was diabetic my first time losing weight I was craving pancakes, I googled low carb pancake syrup and found 2 canadian websites that sold low carb products.
  • kshama2001kshama2001 Member Posts: 21,804 Member Member Posts: 21,804 Member
    Strawberries and other berries are surprisingly sweet for the low amount of carbs.
  • mydogisthebestdogevermydogisthebestdogever Member Posts: 611 Member Member Posts: 611 Member
    I mix cream cheese with sugar free jello and it's very tasty. You can experiment with different flavors cherry, lime, orange etc.
  • HeidiCooksSupperHeidiCooksSupper Member, Premium Posts: 3,312 Member Member, Premium Posts: 3,312 Member
    We buy sugar-free Ricola in bulk. A sugar-free cough drop can do a lot to quell hunger pangs for not much consumption.
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