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Hi there

pallasathenaspallasathenas Member, Premium Posts: 4 Member Member, Premium Posts: 4 Member
Hi fam,

I’m 36. I’m a former user. A few years ago I’ve lost around 20kg and stabilized for almost 8 years with a balanced diet, yoga and running practice.
Some major changes in my life conducted me to kinda ditch everything, I almost have a burnout last September. The past year I did fad diet and almost zero exercises, obviously I’ve yoyoed a lot, in total I’ve gained 13kg.

At the beginning at the quarantine, I was afraid to gain even more weight.
So I’ve started working out, I have a long distance friend who do CrossFit and I wanted to try for awhile, and here I am 3 month later, exercising everyday!
I’ve lost 3,5kg and some inches, I’m still a newbie but I love the fitness game!
I’ve ate way better the past few weeks, so I’ve decided to have a better control on my portion, so here I am downloading MFP.

Would like to add some people with similar objectives :-)


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