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  • YellowD0gsYellowD0gs Member Posts: 308 Member Member Posts: 308 Member
    Male, 56, 6'4, Start weight 250 (May 17, 2019), Current weight, 208 ( June 1, 2020), Low, 206 (May 29, 2020)

  • PiqueabooPiqueaboo Member Posts: 1,022 Member Member Posts: 1,022 Member
    I did "2 rounds", one at university in 2009/10 where I lost 40lbs by replacing food with alcohol, naturally I gained it all back and some extra; the second starting 2016/17 where I did it the right way, dropped 80lbs but then took a break for 2 years? Weight slowly started creeping up, and now I'm working on eradicating the 50lbs I need to get to my goal weight. I "re-started" in April this year so still at the beginning, but based on last time it should be fairly straightforward.


  • MarigorringoMarigorringo Member Posts: 78 Member Member Posts: 78 Member
    Mine goes in the other way around. I'm fighting to lose weight and as soon as I stop giving my 500% energy and attention I go up like crazy.
    I must say that I also have a bit of help for that; hypothyroidism, Pos, 2 years without my menstruation even though I'm 36.... But one day I will make it!
  • mc62412mc62412 Member Posts: 109 Member Member Posts: 109 Member

    Started in April 2020.
  • charmmethcharmmeth Member Posts: 171 Member Member Posts: 171 Member
    Here (I hope, if the links to the images have worked properly) is a tale of steady weight loss and creeping wight gain over the past few years. But it's coming off again now.





    (Sorry, this takes up more space than intended.)
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