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Autoimmune Disease and Weight Loss

ladybug09xoxoladybug09xoxo Member, Premium Posts: 2 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2 Member

I have Multiple Sclerosis and I've so far lost 90lbs. The loss has helped tremendously with symptoms, but lately having a problem with heat and getting frustrated with myself and my disease.

The heat makes me feel sick, no energy, and more pain than normal. Im getting frustrated since i want to work out, but feel i can't. Does anyone else suffer with me? Do you try to push yourself? Im afraid of overdoing it when my body already is saying no, but then i live in a "why didnt i just try" attitude then i feel bad and guilty i let another day go by when i didnt do anything. What do others with illnesses do? Advice? Motivation?

I hope everyone is having a great day!!


  • AmyG1982AmyG1982 Member Posts: 826 Member Member Posts: 826 Member
    First, congrats on your weight loss, that’s is amazing!

    I have a close friend with MS (diagnoses 3 years ago) and this is something she struggles with a lot. Not wanting to let your disease “beat” you. But, unfortunately you are going to have some limitations you have to accept and try to deal with. My friend tried to ignore it and push herself but it actually led her into a couple full-blown relapses. She’s now learning to pay attention to her earliest warning symptoms and slow down, when she does she recovers much faster. I know a few people with MS actually and the heat is a big trigger for a lot of them, seems to be a common symptom so you may have to be extra careful on warm days.

    And please don’t let days where you “do nothing” get you down, you’re not doing “nothing” - you’re listening to what your body needs and caring for yourself. Very important for everyone but especially people with conditions like yours.

    Have you tried swimming? Maybe a nice cold pool would be a way for you to exercise without overheating?

    Good luck to you!
  • MaltedTeaMaltedTea Member, Premium Posts: 2,641 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,641 Member
    My word: your neurologist must be curious about your weight loss and asking you about it constantly! Good on you for getting this far.

    Perhaps you're already aware but last week, healthcare professionals and allied professions had a massive international conference on MS...sigh, virtually.

    One of the topics was on "rehab in MS" but the speaker - who was more engaging than most - spent much of her time talking about overall fitness approaches. It's on YouTube now and is an hour-long session but perhaps consider taking a listen? You may hear some of your realities reflected as well as a solution. While she does cover some science it's not inaccessible.

    Also, if you're in North America consider getting in touch with your local MS Society. They will have some evidence-based suggestions that you may want to leverage in conversation with your healthcare team and/or physical trainer. For example, cooling apparel you can wear while exercising.

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