Back a month, lost 12 pounds, fasting blood sugar in 130s

HeidiCooksSupper Posts: 3,831 Member
A little over a month ago, I got a scare when my increasing A1C was galloping upwards and my fasting blood sugar was in the mid-300s. No more fooling around for me. On to Jardiance and back to MFP it is.

This morning my blood sugar was in the 130s (as the endocrinologist said we should aim for) and I've lost 12 pounds. Still well over 100 pounds to go but I do know how to do this and the blood sugar issue is an effective dope slap for me.

Hubby had a stroke a couple years ago so I'm taking up the slack when his loss of dexterity, mobility, and planning ability get in his way. I've got to stay able not just for me but for him. The only way to do that is to get healthy!!


  • the3dwizard
    the3dwizard Posts: 39 Member
    Way to go! Keep at it.
  • weebo45
    weebo45 Posts: 3 Member
    You're doing great! :smile:
  • dmcmillan78
    dmcmillan78 Posts: 1 Member
    Awesome news, well done and keep going.
  • QuinntessentiallyMe
    QuinntessentiallyMe Posts: 88 Member
  • MalDunc2012
    MalDunc2012 Posts: 170 Member
  • lmstephan68
    lmstephan68 Posts: 4 Member
    I had the same wakeup call! Awesome job!!
  • carpydave47
    carpydave47 Posts: 3 Member
    Hi, does anyone know how long sugars spike upward when starting a alternate day fasting regimen? I know why I just don’t know for how long it will happen. Thanks, Dave~
  • fatburninmashin
    fatburninmashin Posts: 2 Member
    edited June 2020
    Try intermittent fasting and it should help with bood sugar levels. Constant eating from time to time increases insulin which causes fat storage. On you tube search for Dr Jason fung or Dr stan ekberg. Great tips.

    I have lost weight and was able to completely get off meds as my carb intake reduced and so did need for metformin.
  • purplewheels66
    purplewheels66 Posts: 13 Member
    Good job
  • paulcaesar67
    paulcaesar67 Posts: 45 Member
    Congrats keep up the good work
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