Can’t stop “feeling” hungry!?

So guys might just want just keep on scrolling..

To start off I have had my period for almost18 years now so I get the concept and all of that mess. So I’m on my period now and I feel hungry all the time and I have been eating bigger portions plus I don’t have any energy and once 1:00pm hits I’m ready for a nap..
On my period I have never felt this way like always hungry and just so tired. I usually actually loose some weight when I’m watching what I eat while on my period
Does anybody feel this way?!


  • carriestrine
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    I've read that it's important to get enough iron (Vitamin c to help absorb it) and magnesium!

    Another interesting thing i read is that just before your period your resting metabolism can increase slightly due to all of the hormonal activity in your luteal phase. No excuse to eat more, but I wonder if that can contribute to weight loss an/or cravings around this phase.

    I always feel hungry, tired and generally retain water during my period. This week ive been doing so poorly, going carb crazy and with limited energy to exercise. One win is that im definitely reducing emotional and binge eating. Terrible time of the month to be attempting to change habits, but I try to be mindful and gentle with myself between the bouts of hangry 😂
  • Grace_spaceship
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    I struggle with constant snacking during my period. I am always hungry and always want chocolate/sweets. Generally my workouts aren't affected but my other activity (mostly walking) decreases. I try to keep busy so I am not at home to snack. I also try to remember that it is only a few days out of the month so if I go a little bit overboard it's not the end of the world and I'm still losing weight in the long run. Also if you are on hormonal birth control it might make it worse, but could also make it better, hormones are wierd.
  • Nbaker0909
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    I’m always starving the 2 days before my period. I eat like a linebacker those days, but I try to eat more low calorie high volume foods and that seems to help me stay closer to my calorie goal for the day. I also try to stay out of the house as much as possible. If I’m in my backyard I won’t snack as much as when I’m in the family room.
  • Lietchi
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    I sometimes get strong carb/salt cravings (chips, sushi, rice crackers,...) during my period and can feel quite tired. It's not always the same, some periods are worse than others. I've always assumed the cravings signify particular nutrients my body needs at that time, and I sometimes raise my calories to maintenance on 'bad' days.
  • quiksylver296
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    I usually crave chocolate and ice cream for a couple days right before my period. I allow myself to eat at maintenance those days. I may get to goal slower, but at least I will still get there.
  • megbugs
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    I'm going to add you ladies! I'm attempting to eat intuitively and figure out how to control monthly cravings for junk. Like if I eat root vegetables, leafy greens, and higher omega 3 proteins right before my cycle, could I skip the nonstop sweet cravings during my menstrual cycle, which inevitably leads me to feeling down.
  • 12Sarah2015
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    aometimes for me i lose a lot of iron. i need to keep up the protein. while losing weight im just resorting to multivitamin tablets and eating vegetarian
  • thelastnightingale
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    I would be careful about taking iron/vitamin tablets - I found out recently I actually have too much iron rather than too little, which was a complete surprise! Make sure you get tested before adding in supplements to your diet.

    My body definitely behaves differently on my period - I try to adjust accordingly. The stereotype of craving chocolate is true for me, so I make sure I work in some. Enough to satisfy the craving, but not enough to eat too many calories.

    The other cravings are typically more sensible - in the past when I've had low iron, I've craved meat, so eaten a burger or a steak. Sometimes I crave junk food, so work in a small portion of cheese or a slice of pizza.

    Most importantly, I try to stay hydrated and not to get freaked out by the temporary weight fluctuations, which do always vanish after the period is over.

    God, being a girl is tough sometimes. Forget the Body Form adverts, if I can spend my period curled up in bed wailing, I will. I don't have the energy or the inclination to run a marathon or go windsurfing, I just want to wallow in the misery of being bloated, hungry and in pain.
  • asthesoapturns
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    One of my colleagues gets terrible cravings during that time of the damn month. A little protein, and a small indulgence has kept her on her weight loss track.

    I'm to busy feeling like I'm dying to eat XD.
  • edenseaview
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    Being on the contraceptive pill I have not had periods for a while. However I do find from time to time that I absolutely crave sugar (in particular chocolate) some days and that’s probably cause I would have been on my period if I were not on the pill. I try not to have and sugar in the house but recently I’ve started buying bite sized individually wrapped chocolates. That way I tend to have 1 or 2 instead of the whole packet like I would do usually. I tend to comfort eat and eat out of boredom too so I try not to stay at home if I can avoid it by going for walks
  • degaia3
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    One of the mistakes we make is that so much fitness/nutrition/weight loss research is focused around men. Women in the “childbearing years” will ideally tailor their diet based on the four phases of their cycle. Really fascinating podcast on this subject I highly recommend, as well as the “MyFLO” app: