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Looking for doppelgangers?



  • MiNinaLisaMiNinaLisa Member Posts: 648 Member Member Posts: 648 Member
    apparently there was a stripper in my city who was my doppelganger when i was 18-22. enough said.
  • _sw33tp3a_11_sw33tp3a_11 Member Posts: 3,397 Member Member Posts: 3,397 Member
    I love Tina Turner. I wish I could have those hot legs.

    This is a very beautiful picture of you
  • nitaliebennitalieben Member, Premium Posts: 648 Member Member, Premium Posts: 648 Member
    Many years ago a man walked up to me at a funfair with a woman's ID. Thinking back it should have been an insult because I was too young to even have an ID, but he showed me the ID and asked if I'm her.
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