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Collagen and Creatine? Any nutrition nerds/experts out there??

AKTipsyCatAKTipsyCat Member Posts: 163 Member Member Posts: 163 Member
So I recently started supplementing with collagen for my joint, hair and skin health. I'm 52, so I was told this would help with my saggy skin as well. I've also recently started weightlifting (about 4 weeks ago) and it was suggested I might start supplementing with Creatine as I seem to have come to a standstill on some exercises... so like a good girl I started doing some research to make sure there wasn't any kind of weird reaction between the two... and discovered that collagen actually helps in the creation of Creatine... since it's the first week of Creatine and it was suggested that I "load up" with like 20G a day for 5-7 days and then drop down to 5-7 g a day for ongoing maintenance, I was curious if taking the two was a benefit for now and maybe not so good for down the line? Or maybe not do the "load up" part since I'm doing both and then stick to a lower level of creatine for ongoing help with strength? Am I overthinking this? Not thinking it through enough? Is there a super smart person out there who can explain to me exactly what the connection is between the two?


  • MithriditesMithridites Member Posts: 347 Member Member Posts: 347 Member
    Short version: bro science. Someone is trying to make getting in shape too complicated for you. Just hit your protein goal every day, whatever you eat to get there. For a beginner these expensive supplements are of little to no benefit and can get in the way of filling your daily calorie budget with real nutritious food. Did you input your data into MFP and got a reasonable calorie goal? Hit that number every day. Keep in mind that women grow muscle relatively slowly. There is no rush. Enjoy the process of getting stronger.
  • deputy_randolphdeputy_randolph Member Posts: 863 Member Member Posts: 863 Member
    In my experience, collagen was a waste of $. Creatine, however, is a relatively cheap supplement that has benefits. I take creatine on and off...mostly take it during bulk cycles and maintanence and then stop during a cut (to reduce water weight). I do notice a difference in my rate of recovery when taking creatine.

    The loading phase seems to be unnecessary from newer articles (T-Nation etc). I've loaded before and just had increased gastro issues. I started taking creatine this week (standard 5g)....less gastro issues. My doctor has no problem with me taking it either as discussed at last physical.
  • wolftrucking08wolftrucking08 Member Posts: 18 Member Member Posts: 18 Member
    Creatine is a protein produced by your body as a result of muscle breakdown usually from strength training. 99% of it is metabolic waste and you pee it out.
    Only a small amount is taken up into muscles during heavy anaerobic (oxygen depleted) muscle exertion and used to recycle Adenosine diphosphate (ADP) a biproduct cellular activity back into Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) "the energy molecule".
    Just like drinking a sports drink, Supplementing is BS bro-science. 99% of people don't need it as they will never exert themselves enough to see any benefit. Those who claim to have gains its a mental trip, they are juicing, or training to extremes.
    If you have an underlying kidney or urinary condition the levels can quickly become toxic. Your best source for creatine that your body can best utilize is from lean meat like chicken, eggs, fish. A good quality whey protein shake 1/2 hour before strength training
  • sijomialsijomial Member Posts: 16,633 Member Member Posts: 16,633 Member
    "Am I overthinking this?" - Yes, massively.
    If your lifts have stalled (bearing in mind it's only 4 weeks!) firstly, I would look at your training and not your diet let alone supplements. You don’t (legally) supplement to get strong – you train to get strong.

    If you want to try creatine there's no need to do a load phase (which has a higher chance of upsetting your stomach) and your suggested daily dosage seems unnecessarily high. Have a look at the write up on to understand more. Personally after just four weeks I’m not really seeing the point unless you have some reason to think you are deficient. If you were four years in and struggling for that one extra rep - then maybe.

    And you may or may not respond to creatine in any noticeable way, I don't. Possibly because I already get enough from my diet.
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