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What is the lowest calorie bread you have heard of? Or what do you use?

petrinaradfordpetrinaradford Member Posts: 77 Member Member Posts: 77 Member
Hi just after some bread with the lowest calories.

In Australia. Mostly shop at Coles, Woolies, Farmer Jacks, Aldi, Spud shed or IGA



  • missysippy930missysippy930 Member Posts: 2,487 Member Member Posts: 2,487 Member
    There are quite a few brands here (US) that are 45 calories per slice. The sandwich thins are around that calorie amount as well. I usually have a single slice of a multi grain seeded bread that has about 110 calories.
  • ReenieHJReenieHJ Member Posts: 7,662 Member Member Posts: 7,662 Member
    Hmmm, not sure what's available where you are but I've used SaraLee Lite bread in the past, at 45 cal. a slice(or maybe 35, can't remember). I also like to get wraps and cut them in 1/2, makes a great sized wrap, stuffed with veggies/lean meats, and half a wrap is 60 cal. I think? :(
  • ButtermelloButtermello Member Posts: 127 Member Member Posts: 127 Member
    For wraps and things that would normally go with tortillas, I like Joseph's lavash bread. It's really low cal, and low carb too.

    These 'flat breads' are HUGE and about 60 cals each. Half of one is around the size most people would use when making a wrap. I think they are around 9x14 each. I always cut them in half and they are the perfect size then.

    I buy them on amazon!
  • Diatonic12Diatonic12 Member Posts: 32,351 Member Member Posts: 32,351 Member


    You might like something like this. ^

    I like Mestemacher bread, all varieties.


  • VegjoyPVegjoyP Member Posts: 1,728 Member Member Posts: 1,728 Member
    just_Tomek wrote: »
    For lowest calorie option... Don't use any bread but use your imagination and pretend that you are eating bread.

    Collard Green leaves, Romain, Seaweed Nori, Rice Paper and even rice cake
  • midsummer174627midsummer174627 Member Posts: 251 Member Member Posts: 251 Member
    Franz's Keto Hamburger Buns are 50 calories for the whole bun. The flavor is fine but the texture is a little weird but I think it's less noticeable if there's lettuce or something on your sandwich.
  • springlering62springlering62 Member, Premium Posts: 3,427 Member Member, Premium Posts: 3,427 Member
    This bread is terrific. 35 calories per slice, no HFCS, ingredients I can pronounce, and it tastes just like Sunbeam or the like. I think it’s identical to “regular” bread but just sliced thinner. That’s fine by me. Sometimes all I want is the suggestion of bread for my chicken sausage or BLT and this more than does the trick. Makes great toast, too. BTW, I just discovered “Greek cream cheese” at Lidl. 60 calories for 30 grams and tastes just like full fat Philly. Never heard of this stuff before but it just made the shopping list from now on.
  • thelastnightingalethelastnightingale Member, Premium Posts: 628 Member Member, Premium Posts: 628 Member
    In the UK, Warburtons make 'thin bagels', which are only 130 calories, mainly because they look like someone sat on a real bagel and squashed all the calories out. They're not bad, although I do have to eat them slowly to appreciate the calories.

    Recently I've been trying to live without bread. And I love bread, I really do. I mean, I can think of any type of bread and I can almost taste it in my mind. That's how much I love it. (It's my trigger binge food - leave me alone with a loaf of bread and I will devour it in half an hour, hence why I just don't buy it in anymore.)

    I've started eating bunless burgers, for example. I can live without the bread roll in that case. There will be some meals where you can get used to phasing out the bread.

    For accompanying soups, plain supermarket breadsticks are about 26 calories, and a couple of them will satisfy the crunch, as sad as they are. Or oatcakes can be pretty good.

    I do also like corn cakes - Kalloo do a decent one, but I've tried a few brands and the plain ones of all of them are mostly nice. I did buy a packet of salted ones from a brand I liked and I couldn't eat them. The flavouring tasted like the flavouring from a packet of cheap salt and vinegar crisps, and it just didn't go with the texture of the corn cakes. Couldn't stomach it. Plain every time.

    If you're talking for sandwiches, I tend to go for salads if I'm eating out, and if I'm eating in, I like to make something like scrambled eggs where there's no real need for bread.

    I've tried diet bread in the past and apart from being unsatisfying, it never even touched the sides. I'd eat it, but then not realise I'd done so - the calories were definitely wasted.
  • Kupla71Kupla71 Member Posts: 254 Member Member Posts: 254 Member
    Here in Canada we have weight watchers bread at 50 calories a slice. It’s just small thin bread. It’s not bad if you want a low calorie substitute.
  • lemongirlbclemongirlbc Member, Premium Posts: 405 Member Member, Premium Posts: 405 Member
    Coles and Woolies bakery breads in the "sandwich" slice are pretty low, just as the pieces are pretty small/slim compared to the brand name loaves. I often get those.
  • smithker75smithker75 Member Posts: 69 Member Member Posts: 69 Member
    Buttercup Country Split bread is 50 calories per slice. Not very big slices but you can easily fill them with lots of protein and salad or use them as a base for an open-grilled sandwich. Tip Top or Helga's Sandwich and Burger Thins are approx 100-110 calories for a pair.
  • DancingMoosieDancingMoosie Member Posts: 7,397 Member Member Posts: 7,397 Member
    Joseph's flatbreads and lavash are pretty good
  • nanastaci2020nanastaci2020 Member Posts: 952 Member Member Posts: 952 Member
    I don't know if its sold in other countries, but I'm in the US and buy Healthy Life white bread. Label says 70 cals per 2 slices 41g, but of course must put them on the scale. Today's lunch sandwich: 46g for 2 slices. I only use it for regular sandwiches. It does not taste right for grilled cheese sandwiches and I am not fond of it for toast.
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