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Dog Topic-help please?



  • ReenieHJReenieHJ Member Posts: 1,753 Member Member Posts: 1,753 Member
    Thank you again for all your insight!! Adding cytopoint injections to my list of questions for the vet.

    As to the grain vs. grain-free food and heart problems, I don't think they even know what's added or taken away from foods that are causing it. :( First they discussed Taurine, then said maybe it was because there were too many legumes or potatoes, or ????.
    My vet's office had 2 vets, 1 has since retired. :( The vet that's there now is the one who had me switch from grain-free to grain foods back late fall, because of the possible cardiac issues. Then all my dog's allergies seemed to erupt about 6 weeks later so I thought for sure that was the problem. :( I switched her back to grain-free in maybe January and it hasn't gotten better. :(
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