gym membership or buy a treadmill?



  • lisalsd1
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    I have both a treadmill and a gym membership. I've owned a treadmill for use and have used it consistently. I decided to join a gym last year. I prefer the gym. I use the treadmill, BUT I also use other machines, weights, etc. I also prefer the gym, b/c it's less boring than my basement. I'm a stay-at-home mom, so I felt isolated while working out at home. The gym has allowed me to meet other women with kids my age. Definitely prefer the gym.
  • jlahorn
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    What's worked for me is a gym membership and a step for home. I can do step aerobics (heck, you can just step up and down for 30 minutes) while watching a movie, and go to the gym for fun exercise. Steps are pretty cheap, they're small, and they're much more portable than a treadmill. Same goes for those little jogging trampolines.
  • michellekicks
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    A gym membership for sure. You can walk and/or run outside your home if you want... any time. With a gym membership you can lift weights and swim when you want to. Way more versatile!
  • Akimajuktuq
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    3 words: body weight exercises. Also, get outside and walk/run/jump/play with kids a few times per week. That's really all you need. Better than just running on a treadmill and no need for a gym membership.
  • NikkiSixGuns
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    Personally: the treadmill does not offer any weight training options, so I'd go with the gym membership or spend the money on a decent weight set for the home.
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    I have a treadmill, I still make excuses not to use it. With either option, you have to self motivate. Personally, I think the gym is better because you have access to more equipment and are less likely to get bored with it. You can't really get a full body workout on a treadmill alone.
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    I own a treadmill and a stationary bicycle. Oh really hot days this time of year I tend to use them 3-4 days a week while watching one of my favorite shows that I never can get around to watching. That is a draw in itself. When it starts to get somewhat boring I will wait until it cools down to 80 to go for a long walk in my neighborhood. During the winter I would much rather use them at home than go out
    in the pouring rain. In fact I tend to use them even more during the winter just as something to do. However I am somewhat of a home body, so that maybe influences my choice. Did belong to a fitness club for a while, but got tired of fighting for the cardio equipment.
    Also I would think during the winter months more flu bugs etc circulate in the gym. Hope this helps......
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    Treadmill transforms into a clothes hanger
  • I have both. I love to have access to my treadmill when I can't get to the gym. But on the other hand, I LOVE going to the gym as it always makes me want to work out harder and longer once I get there and see everyone else doing their thing! It's also a LOT less boring than going on the treadmill at home as you can people watch!

    I love swimming laps (sounds like you might too), so it's awesome having access to a pool. I also love cross training, meaning instead of going on the treadmill for an hour at home (blah) I can go on it for 30 minutes at the gym, and then go 20 on an elliptical and 20 on this other machine they have that rocks, but I can't remember the name of it. Makes it a LOT more interesting, and also works different muscles, so your body gets a better overall workout.

    Finally, I've just started doing the weight machines every other day after my cardio, and that adds a whole different level to my workout. There are for sure some days I don't have the time to do both, but when I do, I love it!

    I would highly recommend you try the gym first (many will let you have a week trial membership for free). Please don't be intimidated - everyone starts out sometime, and no one is watching you to see how much you do, or what speed you're going.

    Great luck to you, whatever you decide to do!
  • Kurrupt1922
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    Well just because you have the treadmill at home does not mean you are going to USE it. I have bought both a treadmill and elliptical and I hardly ever used them. I get distracted too much when I workout at home. It's best that I leave and go to the gym. PLUS you'll have access to much more. Just find a gym that is local, 24hours if you can. Not sure if there is a Lifetime fitness in your area, but that's the gym I go to and I LOVE it.
  • freyaheart
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    Gym membership definitely. More equipment options and it gets you out of the house. Treadmills at home tend to turn into coat racks. I love my gym membership. I thought about this too when I first started out and I am glad I went with the gym.
  • gmallan
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    As always the answer to this depends. What are you planning on doing for exercise? What are your goals? Which options will help you meet your goals? Which option are you going to use consistently?

    For me persoanlly, I'd go with the gym. I use a gym for lifting and usually tend to run outdoors or play sport for cardio. Other than the odd 20-25 minute HIIT session or warm-up I don't venture near the cardio machines. I couldn't think of anything worse than having a treadmill as my primary source of exercise. That's just me though, you have to decide what you want.
  • LvlyLars
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    I do the same thing! The shows on my DVR are for treadmill use ONLY so if I want to watch it I have to be on the treadmill to do it.
  • wolfchild59
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    I don't always want to run. So I greatly prefer having a gym membership so I have the option to do a different workout on any given day depending on what my mood is.

    If I'd bought a treadmill back when I really thought I wanted one, I'd be kicking myself so hard now I'd probably be getting a better workout from that than the treadmill.

    Unless you know that running is your one, true, workout passion and you will never tire of it and you will always feel motivated and inspired to run rather than swim, use the elliptical, use the ARC trainer, use a stationary bike, use a rowing machine, use a stair mill, etc. to get your workout in, then go for it. Otherwise, I say gym membership.
  • ReginaM49
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    I do both. I have some equipment at home and a gym membership. Granted... it can be costly if you spend a lot on the treadmill. I went on craigs list and bought reasonably priced used equipment knowing I wanted something in case I want to work out at home... like those nights I may work late and dont feel like getting home late by travelling back and forth to the gym. But the gym is good on days I have the time and there is so much more there. Classes, swimming, weights and different machines. I figure we spend money without thinking twice... like a weekend of eating out. It really adds up. But we do it mindlessly. But when we think about spending money on things that will make us healthy and live longer we fret for weeks. Whatever you decide... bottom line is do what works for you.
  • EricMurano
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    Treadmills in general: I think running outside is the better choice in terms of both cost and training effectiveness BUT I understand that it would be hard to get out for a run if you have to watch your children or if it's too cold/wet to run outside (BTW running in the summer rain is wonderful, running in winter rain is _not_ lol)

    If that's not an issue then I suggest a gym membership so that you have access to a treadmill if it rains and you can do weights as well. Run outside when weather permits.
  • I would choose the gym membership over the treadmill. Going to the the gym can become addicting which is ok because it's fun and healthy. There are so many different types of workouts that you can get into and the camaraderie with the other members can't be found at home. For me, the gym membership offers so much more than a treadmill at home. On the other hand, lots of people tend toward introversion and may enjoy working out at home rather than the gym. If I was this way, I'd invest in weights too so I could get some lifting in with my cardio.
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    It depends on a variety of factors ie: are you comfortable working out in front of others, is the gym nearby, do you have room for a treadmill and will there be a tv in that room, will you be doing strength training as well.

    For me I have a treadmill at home. I do not like to exercise in front of other people. (I know that is my hangup.) I have my laptop plugged into the HDMI slot and watch the free HULU channel. (Hulu streams my favorite shows for free and I only watch when I am on the treadmill.)

    To change things up I have a bunch of workout dvds. I also borrow workout dvds from the library to check out what I like before I commit to buying. I have some free weights - 4. I am really trying to stay committed this time around. One of the best things about the treadmill is if I fall off the wagon of exercise, I still have it and can jump back on again.
  • carlapendergrass
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    I know from experience that I will not work out at home. It just won't happen. No matter what equipment I might have there. I have to go to the gym. I'm lucky in that I have a great gym that is literally next door to my workplace, but even if I had to go farther, I would still do it.