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Not exactly new, but I'm back after a long hiatus

DrEnalgDrEnalg Member Posts: 649 Member Member Posts: 649 Member
46, six-foot-two, male, got as low as 187 when I last did the MFP thing, but that was a number of years ago. Have regained 30 of it, and although I'm not unhappy with my current appearance, I've apparently gotten older and now I have some spinal arthritis issues that have been a problem for me - and I figure that getting back below 200 might help me out (my doctor agrees). I also have some more minor issues with arthritis in both shoulders.

In terms of exercise, I do a recumbent bike at high intensity 60+ minutes per day, every day. I also do core exercises (crunches and pelvic tilts - the latter for my back) daily, and I do about 300 pushups per week. Probably should do more strength training at some point but I'm a pretty busy guy and I'm mostly happy with my current regimen.

My goal is under 200 by EOY. If I do this right, I should get there by September. Wish me luck!

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