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Please help ...... recipe found then lost

Pete1964AKPete1964AK Member Posts: 85 Member Member Posts: 85 Member
in Recipes
I hope someone can help or at least point me in the right direction.

A wee while ago, I saw a recipe for a meal made with garbanzo beans and spinach, plus a variety of spices on the MyFitnessPal blog or daily feed that comes thru’.
I made the meal and loved it. Full of flavor and nicely spicey. I ‘thought” I had saved the recipe but obviously not.........
Now, despite frantic and exhaustive (at least with my limited skills) searching, I haven’t been able to find the recipe again. And the ones I did find weren’t the one.
Can anyone find it it or show me where it might be? I have been through the app’s recipe tab amongst other things.


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