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Weight lose workout with slip disc L4-S1 problem

lordzaieylordzaiey Member, Premium Posts: 1 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1 Member
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I have Prolapsed intervertebral disc from L4-S1 with bilateral nerve impingement and radiculopathy also a coccyx fracture. I weight 95kg with height of 155cm. Im a total obese trying to workout to lose weight but it seem that i cant find any suitable workout for my conditions. I asked a bunch of personal trainer but they seems not really keen to help me since its a serious medical conditions. I got hospitalized for 3 weeks before as i suddenly paralized from my waist downwards just becoz of sneezing on bed. I even cant do crunches or slow flare up my back pain. Can anyone help me with this? What nutritions plan should i go for?
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  • BackwoodsDarlinBackwoodsDarlin Member Posts: 108 Member Member Posts: 108 Member
    Honestly I would talk to your doctor and/or possibly a nutritionist in the area or maybe online (sometimes you can do video calls with them). They will likely be the ones to help the best
    Good luck
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