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    I would love someone to cook my meals for me.

    meeee tooooo!

    I'll make you whatever you want.

    you may end up with a whole hoard of ladies at your cabin with an offer like that ;)

    Oh darn.....
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    Giant melty smores!
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    I was thinking about Freddos today. They are little chocolate frogs that English people use as a marker of the economic state - ie in my day they were only ten pence and now they're around thirty pence so the world has gone to pot. Anyhu. I look in the chocolate drawer, delving through, searching and I find.... one lone Freddo hiding beneath an unwanted Crunchie. We never buy Freddos so I dont know how it came to be there. So I guess you could say my food fantasy already came true. If you believe it you can achieve it. Its all in the mind.

    Freddos & do you remember taz bars ? With the caramel filling ? Mmmm and yes in Scotland children used them as a guide to the current economic state. I clearly remember, as if it were yesterday, the sheer shock horror when they increased them from 10 pence, to a shocking 20 p. We all knew at that moment that life, as we knew it, had changed, irreparably. I can still see their faces.... 😱

    Taz bars were the bomb! Oh man we had it good with those 10p treats. Are Taz bars still around?