Looking for supportive, active friends

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Hi there. I'm Erica. I'm almost 42. Single mom this past 6 years to 5 kids. 14 to 22. And 2 beautiful grandsons. 18m and 3m.
I used to be active on here quite some time ago. What I'm looking for. I need a support group of awesome people who are Active on here, who are kind, honest and genuine. Who will be supportive of my goals and encourage me onward and upward.
I had lost over 150lbs over the past 6 years. Had lost it by strength training consistently all this time, eating healthy and breaking bad habits and creating new ones. I know the struggles. Most are mental. Habits. Some addictions. Right before the stay at home stuff started I'd lost my job of last 3 1/2 years. Which I loved. They permanently closed doors. Then I and my youngest 2 kids moved into my daughters to be their for birth of new grandson and help for 2 1/2 months. Long story short, lost active job, stopped strength training for last 3 months, late nights, created bad eating habits. (Lots of Mexican ice cream bars). Lol Staying at home, tv benging. Being inactive. I've gained 50 lbs. Has super shook me up. Scared me honestly! Never thought I'd gain like this again. It is not feeling comfortable again in public. Always adjusting clothes.
Time for change, need all the positive support I can get from everywhere I can. Started consistently strength training again this past 2 weeks. No negotiating! Struggling with my eating. Know what I need to do. Have been down this road big time. So I can't lie to myself. It's a mental battle. Creating new habits. But I have some true food addiction. I start a new job tomorrow, my kids are supportive. Going to start journaling to not lie to myself what I'm eating and trying to create consistent new healthy habits. All I've ever wanted is to be the best version of ME. Strong, healthy, consistent , happy and the most active Nonna on the planet. I want to always keep up and be the cool Nonna.
If you think you're up to the encouragement, please send a friend request.
Heres to the best version of each of us!