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Expert guidance. Daily motivation. Easy logging. It’s the winning combo in our new Premium app feature—and it’s helping MyFitnessPal users like you create healthy habits and see real results.

28 Days of Guidance From Certified Trainers
Choose a Workout Plan for the specific muscle group or larger fitness goal you want to target. Over 4 weeks, you’ll work through a series of routines, rest days, and healthy tasks—thoughtfully designed by our UA Performance Specialists to help you meet your goals.

A Program That Motivates and Challenges You
Your plan evolves as you go for optimal impact. You may see fresh new moves, greater intensity, heavier weights, or longer routines as weeks go by. And with modifications for any ability level, workouts are exactly as challenging as you like.

Loggable, Easy-to-Follow Workouts
Quickly tap into today’s to-do list, or see what’s in store for the month. We’ll guide you through every step of every routine with equipment lists, warm-ups, and videos of proper form. One-touch logging adds your calorie burn directly to your diary.

Are Workout Plans a Good Fit for Me?
You’ll love this new feature if you…
  • Want to shake things up with a new routine
  • Need guidance to get started (and keep going)
  • Feel motivated by schedules, to-do lists, or reminders
  • Like to track calorie burn in your MyFitnessPal diary
  • Are ready to feel your very best

Start a Workout Plan
To start a workout plan, visit the ‘Plans’ tab in the MyFitnessPal app. Then select the plan that best suits your goals.

**Please note the links above will take members in the app to the Plans section, if you are viewing this from web you will not be able to see this feature but please feel free to check out our FAQ section for more information about MFP Plans.
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