Affirmations Rough Draft: I need yall help

Help: This is my affirmations list ..I made 30 affirmations and I want to compact the list to a precise and impactful list

1. I choose life Livin Lovin and lessons over death and quitting

2. I love myself I value my life and I owe myself to respect and love

4. I choose hard work dedication and determination over laziness Pitty and quitting is not my friend lover are my drug

5.I only eat for energy not for pleasure are comfort

8. every day I'm one step closer to being greater than I was yesterday

10. I strive to you be peaceful and love one another through actions and words

11. depression misery Petty and anger has no home in my life

13. My love and value of life and the purpose of life is growing on a daily basis

15. I appreciate my parents and forgive them for any past transgressions our future relationship is bright

16. I will not let child and teenage trauma affect my life anymore

17. I will appreciate respect and value females energy time and effort when it comes to me

18. I am not entitled nor do I feel like the world owes me anything, I want to work and earn every achievement every positive energy and spirit that will be manifested

20. I will not use social media video games female's attention food to escape from my responsibilities in my everyday life

22. I am no longer addicted to escapism, I choose to live my life every day as myself for better or greater

16. every achievement milestone are status that iron from now on will be generated through the blessings and the grace of the Lord Heavenly Father

17. catfishing, glutton, lusting and trolling has been all my dark moments turned into lessons that I've learned from I will continue to be better than I was yesterday

18. I will kill all my demons and be born again through scriptures and the Holy Spirit

19. I will be a happy and productive father, husband teacher Ana inspiration to those that came before me and those who come after me

20. My 5-year plan in 2025 will be completed and will be the true Testament of the greatest comeback that anyone has ever seen to go from obesity to a beast in every aspect of life to go from a quitter to a person that feels numb to go from surviving to thriving to go from I lost it to a man that loves himself and love life it will be a true Testament to God using people different walks of life

21. There's no obstacles or challenges Nardin miss that will defeat me

22. I will conquer everything as put in front of me and I will do it through hard work determination and perseverance

23. the only parties I throw is for a celebration of life and love pity does not live here anymore nor is it welcomed

24. the future Hakeem will be a true testament of what happens when you stop fantasizing and you start believing I live in through Christ

25. my body will thank me for the hardships hard work and the positive mentality that I've acquired in 2020

26. I will not treat my body females parents are any other life existence like it is for granted and doesn't deserve my respect

27. all my relationships are built on great communication, trust, sacrifice, and ability to give more than you receive and be thankful what's the outcome

28. My New Self love and self-esteem being at the highest possible to Jesus Christ and the people who never gave up on me they have shown me when I didn't see that is shining so bright

29. love communication sacrifice and consistent production is why my relationship what's my parent's, black women and Society is that its all-time high

30. my emotions are controlled my focus is targeted to improve in Daily not only myself but the people around me

31. I use social networks to motivate and uplift instead of tearing down and pretending I built a network on peace love and Improvement


  • MaltedTea
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    But you can put these in your phone as automated daily reminders: one a day over the course of a month.

    Small note, Hakeem, aside from some grammar stuff (I assume you dictated some of this rather than typed it), using woman or women as opposed to female will help you achieve your stated intentions.

    Also, I really like #27! I'm stealing it 🤗

  • Chris_J99
    Chris_J99 Posts: 175 Member
    One a day sounds like a good plan!
    If things do look like they are going a bit wonky then remember that each new day is a fresh start.
    Be strong Hakeem, you can do this!
  • PKM0515
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    You might want to put each of these on an individual Post It or index card. You can put the Post Its in various places so you'll be reminded of your intentions, and you can use the index cards like flash cards. :)
  • suzyjmcd2
    suzyjmcd2 Posts: 266 Member
    I love this list! Sounds like you're on a good, determined path! I would suggest doing something like the first reply suggested. Organize the list into similar categories... such as "online/social media related." Then read 3 each day, highlighting them a new color as you go as a sort of bookmarker. Every 10 days, you'll have reviewed them all again. Strength, faith and determination is half the battle!
  • 88olds
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    Love it.
  • Sara628588
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    I think your affirmations are good and a wonderful step to a great future. I do think you might allow for a little good in there occasionally :) I think the odd treat sometimes helps me to keep going, I'm not talking of a full blow out but not to beat yourself up if now and then you have a little something nice. In this way you can sustain it for life.

    Have you ever had counselling? It sounds as if you have had to carry a lot of emotional and trauma memories, and I wondered if you'd had guidance from a good therapist to help with this?

  • MaltedTea
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    The generic calendar on your smartphone, regardless of OS, should allow you to make reminders (or set tasks/goals with reminders).

    As to categorizing, this is so extremely subjective: it really depends on what you respond to best. It took me a while to figure out (read: Y-E-A-R-S) but I now tend to organize my priorities on my four "Fs"

    1. Faith
    2. Family
    3. Finances
    4. Friends

    ...but this may not resonate with you @TheLastMrBig. Getting clarity on YOUR motivations will help you figure out how you organize your affirmations, goals, priorities, etc in an impactful way.
  • Chris_J99
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    Hang in there! Just take one day at a time.
    You can do it!