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Advice Needed - Weight Gain for Super Duper Skinny Person

JamesMacwoodJamesMacwood Member Posts: 7 Member Member Posts: 7 Member
About my self :
Age - 18 years
Height - 176 cm / 5 foot 9 inch
Weight - 45.6 kg / 100 lbs

I am as skinny as one can be... particularly due to my genes. Now that I am an adult I would like to change my body so I am at least ‘lookable’. I’ve started working out and eat roughly 11000 kJ/ 2600 calories per day. Since July 11 I have gained roughly 1 kg till now. I would like advice on both working out and diet that would sustain my results as last time (2 years ago) I tried gaining weight I hit a plateau and gave up.

My ultimate goal is to reach 60 kg as per BMI, however I would be happy with any significant results.
Any advice would be recommended and if you were under the same circumstances as me please let me know what worked for you.



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