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frezishafrezisha Member Posts: 21 Member Member Posts: 21 Member
My parents tested positive for Covid, while I tested negative, but we all got sick at the same time. The health dept considered me positive since we live in the same house. My dad was in the hospital for 5 days and I was scared I would lose him because of how sick he got. We all were doing keto prior, but now anything keto makes us grossed out. My dad is home now on oxygen thank God🙏 But this was a very hard time for me. I gained a few pounds I had lost which is obviously from stress..but should i do protein shakes or something to get some pounds off? I don't eat much but I can feel my stomach a bit puffy. Keto was amazing but I can't stomach it right now..unfortunately my heart rate is now suffering too as a post covid symptom so they just drew my antibodies for the virus since i kept coming out negative on the swabs. I was doing walks, virtual zumba & running & now walking a few steps is extremely tough. This has been a traumatic experience for us forsure. Sorry for the long post.


  • MithriditesMithridites Member Posts: 426 Member Member Posts: 426 Member
    You have my sympathy. This sounds like a very difficult experience. Hang in there! If this was me, I would eat at maintenance calories and keep tracking. But then I find routines grounding. Not everyone does. I would also draw strength from the weight-loss I’d already accomplished and be loath to just let things go completely. Knowing me, I’d find myself elbow deep in a bag of Tostitos if I let myself do whatever I wanted food-wise :D
    I wouldn’t insist on keto, but I would keep counting calories. Maybe that’s just me...
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  • cmriversidecmriverside Member Posts: 30,213 Member Member Posts: 30,213 Member
    Yeah, I wouldn't be trying to lose weight right now but I would keep logging and keep working at eating lots of whole fruit and vegetables. All those antioxidants are good for the immune system.

    Staying away from sugar is a good thing, too. Less inflammation will help...and sugar tends to increase inflammation.

    I hope you all recover quickly.
  • ReenieHJReenieHJ Member Posts: 1,777 Member Member Posts: 1,777 Member
    Yikes, it must be difficult to keep emotions and motivation in check with everybody in your household sick with Covid. :( If it were me, I'd probably be eating all the wrong stuff because when stress rears it's ugly head, that's exactly what I do. :( But what I'd recommend is not worrying so much about calories(there's always time later for that and a few pounds gained isn't going to break you) but just focus on healthy food to keep your recovery as quick as possibly.
    I'm glad your dad is on the mend; how is your mom doing? Are you feeling better?
  • nanamerriman2020nanamerriman2020 Member Posts: 345 Member Member Posts: 345 Member
    Hospital-stress and medication can impact one's appetite. Try to get in adequate nutrition even if the way you ate before is not appealing to you. I was in the hospital for nearly 3 weeks in 2002 after an auto accident. The doctors, etc. were kept telling me that I needed to eat and get my protein intake up as it would help in the healing process. BUT anything dry brought on a gag reflex within 2-3 bites. So they brought me extra cartons of milk with each meal, and things like soup, yogurt and such. Those I could manage. My mother in law even tried bringing in a bag of treas (cookies, chips and similar) but I could not even manage those.

    It got better after I got home. I will never know if it was due to a particular medication, or just the stress of being in the hospital? I've not experienced anything like it since.
  • brenn24179brenn24179 Member Posts: 1,933 Member Member Posts: 1,933 Member
    try not to comfort eat, that is what I do and it does not help. Wow that is stressful, just try to maintain.
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