Thyroidectomy and weight loss

I have always struggled with my weight. In 2010 I was my heaviest. 330lbs. I am back up to just over 300lbs after 4 years of having my thyroid removed. The pandemic has not helped. During this stressful time I gained almost 40lbs. I am finally ready to change my eating habits again.

In the past I have lost over 90lbs. It takes time and dedication. I was frustrated after having my T removed because as much as I exercised or dieted my weight didn't budge. However, I wasn't on the right meds. I recently (last year) added T3. I was able to lose small amounts of weight with the drug but I wasn't ready to commit to a plan. The 3 years of failure before this had me pathetically defeated.

I know I need to do something now. Everyone is telling me I cannot have gluten because of the thyroid nonsense. I'm not looking for a quick fix but a long term solutions and healthy eating habits.

I have to change what i'm doing now. Today is the day.


  • Jruzer
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    Mrs Jruzer had a TT about 15 years ago, so I've got a little bit of experience with this.

    It's good that your meds have been adjusted - the Mrs still has to have hers adjusted occasionally, although they aren't changing much now.

    But if your meds are good, and your hormone levels are appropriate, you should still be able to lose the weight. It's not easy, but there shouldn't be a physiological obstacle there. There may be a mental obstacle - many of us can relate to that!

    I have no idea why "everyone" is saying you can't have gluten. Did someone from your medical team tell you this? Unless you are allergic, there's no reason not to have gluten. Mrs Jruzer has it all the time.

    Log your calories as accurately as you can, try to be active, and be patient. Good luck!
  • danaberge
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    Thank you. I'm going to log my food and be accountable. I know weight loss happens in the kitchen. Unfortunately I didn't have good doctors who were basing my medication solely on TSH and not doing any other labs for my T3. That went on for a few years. Finally last year I fought for myself and the doctors added T3 and it was like I could see in color again. Total game changer. Now I just have to continue to fight for myself and show up in the kitchen.