48 years young, finding it way harder to lose weight, In need inspirational friends.

I've been back on here for a while now, Just trying to do my thing. I am finding it harder than ever before to lose this weight I've packed on. It's clinging like cling wrap. LOL I am truly just looking for some friends to keep me in check and to have a rapport with on here. I find that my friends from way back have fallen off or just don't use this anymore. So if you have a great sense of humor and you want to help each other through the hurdles send me a friend request. I look forward to meeting ya!!


  • aperfectnut
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    I’m going on 44 shortly, have lots of weight to lose! I’m looking for support to keep me on track if we can help each other out here!
  • nettam3re3
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    I hear ya! I'm 43 and have a longgggg way to go. I've been on and off the wagon so many times my legs should be pure muscle! I'd love to make a few similar minded friends!
  • IWTBF67
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    I’m 68 years young! I’m here everyday
  • KayakerJoe
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    Eater better. Move more. Stop looking for reasons to avoid. Chatting on here won’t stop you throwing wine down your throat.
  • GabiV125
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    48 yo and starting again, but this time I want buddies, too.
    Found excuses every time before, to stay off the weight loss wagon just a little longer.
    Count me in.
  • LivingtheLeanDream
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    Have you much to lose? believe it or not its actually not any harder to lose when we get older, that's just what people say/think - its always about the calories in being less that the calories out but heck, I never found it easy at any age! it takes being really vigilant about logging those calories, keeping consistently at calorie deficit and moving more but it can be done, I'm now 51 and 7 years in maintenance - I always say, if I can do it, anyone can.

    All the best ,

  • GabiV125
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    You are right, it should be just math, but we manage to complicate it with all these feelings 😁
    I have 20 lb to lose and I already lost 10 lb , but in a year. With some accountability and stories to distract me from the fridge, I hope to be more efficient this time.
    Congratulations on your 7 year maintenance! It’s impressive!
  • HeidiCooksSupper
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    I'll be 70 in a few months and have lost over 20 pounds since early May. It can be done. As they say, eat less, move more. If I do the arithmetic on calories in/calories out, I have lost about what would be expected at 3500 calorie deficit per pound. You can do it, too.

    I'm making sure to think about what I eat and how it makes me feel. For example, if I eat sweet or carb-y stuff to end supper, I just want to snack all evening long. If I end on something like salted nuts, I'm less hungry in the evening. If I need to snack, I try to think about how that particular snack will make me feel before I choose it. In other words, eating that 4-pack of Lorna Doones will make me hungry whereas a sharp cheddar cheese stick will satisfy my need-to-snack pangs. I hate to use a hackneyed term, but it is all about eating "mindfully."
  • jael73hpr99
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    Hi! I'm 21 and I want to lose 10kg (22lb) to get to 50kg/110lb. I'm quite short so this is not a wild number :) I've lost weight before and reached and maintained around 54kg, but since quarantine started, I've gained 7kg back... I just need a motivating accountability partner to help me remember that I'm not alone in my journey! I've always had a bad relationship with food and my body image, and I hope that I can start to love myself more throughout this journey. I'd love to keep in touch and encourage one another :)
  • Lorinda40
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    I was just looking for friendly like minded folks to add to the friends list. While I can certainly appreciate the advice. I'm on a plan and have been doing well. Down 20 pounds now. Quite a ways yet to go but I'm doing well. If you think you'd be a good accountability buddy shoot me a friend request.