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Took a month off

foolforcarbosfoolforcarbos Member Posts: 70 Member Member Posts: 70 Member
So I am basically taking this month off. All of July. I last left off talking about my pseudo keto diet, which saw me start at 178 lbs - and was down fairly quickly to 155 lbs (less than 40 days). After taking this month off and seeing the end of month coming up, came here to report I am at 152 lbs and though I didn't track all the food daily, nor exercise, nor calories, I didn't gain any weight and lost a few pounds. I think I have my shopping list and typical menu plan fairly concise. Sure, I took some cheat days, and had a Bday with cake, and still eat some carbs, including some bread, but all in all, have stuck to my plans and feel fine.

Eventually, I may try to hit my target goal of 145 lbs, but right now, am active and doing fine. Again, I thank myfitnesspal for the inspiration to lose the weight I wanted and to stay on even keel. Thanks.


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