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Having trouble levelling out weight loss



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    AHA! Well then perhaps the guys might have better experience and advice than us short petite gals. LOL. It sounds like you are really doing quite well and have a plan. Best of luck.
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    sofrances wrote: »
    psychod787 wrote: »
    sofrances wrote: »
    Did anyone else have trouble levelling out weight loss when starting maintenance?

    I'm consuming 2600 calories per day, and although I have the occasional hungry day, many days I have to force myself to eat more to reach this target.

    It seems kind of perverse for a person with my history of weight issues to be forcing themselves to eat when my body is saying "I'm full!"

    However, if my current trends continue, I'll bottom out of my maintenance range in a week or two.

    I know this sounds like a good problem to have, especially when I have entertained the "will dieting wreck my metabolism" worry. And I may look back on this post with envy if and when things get more difficult.

    I'm determined not to let free sugars back into my life (apart from a big piece of carrot cake when my birthday swings around :smile: ), so i can't just eat a bucket of ice cream, and although I'm exercising a lot in terms of absolute minutes, most of it is only moderate intensity, and much of it i enjoy, plus its good for me for reasons other than weight.

    Did anyone else find themselves in the same boat at the start of maintenance?

    There is some evidence that as you start increasing calories, NEAT increases accidentally, if so CONGRATS! you are a hyper responder.You get to eat more. There is also a second option and a third. You could be slightly hyper-metabolic post weight loss and tdee will normalize or you might not be tracking accurately. Not intentionally, but errors in picking data entries. You might also might be more active than you realize. I'm just shooting in the dark here, best wishes!

    Hope its the NEAT thing. Its definitely easier to get off the couch when I'm lighter. Plus sitting down is less comfortable with less padding! :smile:

    I'll prepare myself for the possibility of my TDEE stabilising and me having to cut calories down again a bit though. Thanks for the heads up.

    @sofrances Sitting down is totally comfortable again now after strengthening butt muscles which surprisingly are key to balance :)
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    sofrances wrote: »
    There's no way I can eat more than 3600 cals of healthy food every day. I guess I will have to try reducing the exercise a bit.

    I am doing between 1 and 2.5 hours every day, most days close to 1.5, although most of that is walking, so not particularly strenuous. Its a shame, walking with a podcast or audiobook has rapidly become my favourite part of the day.

    My dr specified 10K steps a day every day - rest of my life. The health results have been amazing.
    I average a little under 2 hours now.
    Is there a reason you don’t want to add healthy olive oil, walnuts (I eat unsalted), or avocado. These foods have nutrients that are recommended for health.

    I know you will find a solution that works for you... it’s all very individual & can be a fun, creative process of discovery...

    For ex I don’t like oils or avocados
    So I eat unsalted nuts (I’ll overeat salted but not unsalted, I learned) And peanut butter, some cheese and some 82% dark choc

    You will find your ideal solution!!
  • MadisonMolly2017MadisonMolly2017 Member Posts: 6,036 Member Member Posts: 6,036 Member
    sofrances wrote: »
    I'm 6 foot 1 (187cm), male and I'm not even technically a healthy weight, but I'm a long way from where I started and want to maintain for a while to prove I can and to let my body get used to the changes. I'm currently 91.3kg or 205 pounds. I have been adding calories for a while, since I started with a budget of 2000. 2600 isn't prior to exercise its just the point I have reached so far, experimentally raising my budget every week or two. The app gives me 2440 before exercise at my current weight. I have been using libra to track trends since I was on 2000.

    @sofrances A Great Plan!!
    I maintained for 1-2 weeks every 10 lbs because I didn’t want to go lower than I could maintain.
  • PAV8888PAV8888 Member Posts: 7,402 Member Member Posts: 7,402 Member
    Ok so there is less of a panic.

    Glad to see you're looking into sustainability.

    There are two aspects to that: sustaining your eating habits and sustaining your exercise regiment.

    I love audiobooks/podcasts. Sometimes they have to be put aside due to life. You could experiment with a forced rest day

    Healthy eating is great. But there will exist restaurant meals post COVID. There will also exist family outings and friends. Getting a handle on things like that while still losing may be helpful for the long term.

    The equation is simple.... you will have to continue to adjust till you stop losing.

    On the plus side, being at overweight and having room to move down means that you can do a humongously long intro to maintenance (losing at -250 or less a week). This gives you option to TRY things while you remain focused on slow slow loss and may help you weather some likely appetite related storms you may encounter
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    PAV8888 wrote: »
    Healthy eating is great. But there will exist restaurant meals post COVID.

    I never ate out much anyway, to be honest. Weekly Sunday lunches with the extended family, on the other hand, may prove more of a challenge. Since there's no hope of accurately calorie counting it, my plan was to either fast the rest of the day or have a bowl of porridge to tide me over in the afternoon.

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    I was out for a Sunday lunch today. I also couldn't accurately count, but I came up with a reasonable estimate using entries I already have in my diary for similar things that I've cooked in the past (ie I already had a roast potatoes entry, a roast lamb entry and a cauliflower cheese one). The amount of oil, cheese etc will not be identical, but the serving sizes are probably similar so it's going to be a good approximation. I then had to guesstimate the amount of other veg that I put on my plate and used the largest Yorkshire Pudding entry I could in the database! We had birthday cake too - but the cake was so big that we each got given an additional slice to bring home - which meant I could weigh it at home and have a reasonable idea as to how much I ate earlier.

    I ate something for breakfast, but haven't eaten since lunch (and am now about to go to bed). I was also slightly under my cals for the last few days in anticipation of a big lunch today.
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