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UK government obesity strategy



  • Diatonic12
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    We can have the answers to absolutely everything and still not be able to do anything.

    Each of us needs to take full responsibility for ourselves. No one can do this for us or motivate us or inspire us. It's too exhausting for friends and family to prop us UP. We live in the land of abundance and we have grown accustomed to immediate gratification by entertaining ourselves with playfoods.

    When anyone says I'm going to need you to keep me accountable by doing this, that and the other. I need you to do this for me...they're usually long gone within a week or two. Sometimes, they're here one day and gone the next.

    This is not a competition. Our body is the best friend we'll ever have in this life. It hangs in there for every food protocol and means of overcompensation that we put it through. We put our body through the paces and there it stands like a faithful friend trying to unravel all of the dieting dogma and mind warp we throw at it.

    Obesity and diabetes go hand in hand. It's now one out of three. All of the diets in the world haven't fixed it because the antidote becomes the problem. I live out in the country. I simply take it back outside and it's all free.

    It's not the body that's the problem, it's the brain.

    When you find yourself at the crossroads because you've eaten it all back or you've reached the highest weight you've ever been in your entire lifetime, ask yourself some serious questions.

    What was going through your brain while you were in the process of eating it all back. Why wasn't your brain able to stop you from going on that eating excursion. Not. One. Single. Time. It could be a day. A month. A year. A decade.

    Why is your body required to endure some brutally strict food protocol with massive amounts of exercise to overcompensate for the brain. Why?

    Why weren't you able to pull yourself back from the brink? You have to figure these things out without massive rationalization and excuses. If you don't, rebound weight gain with friends can show right back up on your doorstep when you're not looking.

    It's not the body, it's the brain that needs retraining tools.