How I lost 25lbs! Here’s my meal plan, recipes, progress pics, and workout routine.

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Progress Pic:

A year ago I gained 25 pounds in a short amount of time. I’m normally active and eat semi-healthy, but I had started a new sedentary job and slid into a lazy diet. I had my wakeup call when I couldn’t fit into my jeans, and decided to do something about it.

I joined r/cico and r/loseit on reddit, and was active here on MyFitnessPal. I created a workout plan. I set the MFP goal to “lose 1 lb a week.” It told me my TDEE was 2,400, so I ate 1,900 calories a day. I started out at 200 lbs, 5’10”. My goal weight was 175.

Scale Data:
I weighed myself once a week.
Mar 4: 200 (start)
Mar 11: 198 (-2)
Mar 18: 196 (-2)
Mar 25: 194 (-2) -- March total (-6lbs)
Apr 1: 193 (-1)
Apr 8: 192 (-1)
Apr 15: 190 (-2)
Apr 22: 189 (-1)
Apr 29: 187 (-2) -- April total (-7lbs)
May 6: 186 (-1)
May 13: 185 (-1)
May 20: 183 (-2)
May 27: 181 (-2) -- May total (-6lbs)
Jun 3: 180 (-1)
Jun 10: 178 (-2)
Jun 17: 177 (-1)
Jun 24: 175 (-1) -- June total (-6lbs)
July: maintained!

I drink over a gallon of water every day which helped minimize fluctuations, and is also a great way to reduce cravings.

I think meal-prep is the most underrated and underutilized skill to eat healthy! You won’t have to summon daily motivation to cook and eat healthy - it’s right there waiting for you, just heat it up. I make big meals on the weekends then eat it the rest of the week. I literally don’t know how I would lose weight if I didn’t do this.
These are each 100-500 calories per serving. Some go well together, like Tabbouleh and Kafta combine to 500 calories. Mix and match however you want. Many of these I double or triple what the recipe says to get more servings out of it. I’ve included links for each recipe.

Fattoush -
Tabbouleh -
Kafta -
Hummus -
Grape Leaves -
Baba Ganoush -
Fatayer -
Mujadara -
Kousa -
Shawarma -
Kibbeh Nayeh -
Halloumi Fries -
Tahini Cookies -

Collard Greens -
Corn Bread -
Shrimp & Grits -
Elvis Pancakes -
Slaw Dogs -
Jerk Chicken -
Jamaican Rice & Peas -
Ackee & Saltfish -

Snacks were Quest bars, pistachios, and [nice cream]( These foods were all my comfort foods, but also had plenty of leafy greens and lean protein. Find what works for you!

Day 1: Yoga 30-day playlist -
Day 2: Resistance Bands Routine -
Day 3: Pilates 30-day playlist -
Day 4: Sprints HIIT -

The yoga and Pilates days are active recovery. They made me sweat a bit, but they are zero impact and I didn’t feel worn out. The resistance bands allow me to workout at home, during lunch break, or at a park. Sprinting HIIT is much higher intensity, and at the track. I try to exercise every other day, so going through the 4-day plan would take about a week.

**Last Thoughts **
Grateful: I live in Austin Texas where the weather is nice year-round. There’s fitness parks and trails everywhere. Being home a lot gave me extra time to focus on meal prep. My wife supported me in this journey and would run with me.
NSV’s: I had a secondary goal of getting faster in the 400m dash, to compete in USATF Masters division. I started at 1:15, by the end I was going 1:03.
Maintenance: getting in shape sucks... but being in shape is awesome! Thanks to new muscle mass and not needing to be at a deficit anymore, I was able to increase my daily calories from 1,900 to 2,600. Workouts are much easier after doing them for months, and I take more days off. This is 100% sustainable for me.
Biggest success: I started with small daily goals and kept small daily goals all the way through. This means I never starved myself, and never exercised too hard if I was tired.

Bonus pic of both dogs -

Downloaded MyFitnessPal, meal-prepped food I like, was honest counting calories, exercised, lost 25 pounds.


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    Thank you!!!!! YUM! and kisses to the puppies!
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    Very cool! I love that you provided some resources. I'll be checking out some of those recipes too!
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    Thank you for posting! Great info!
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    Congrats to you. Thanks for this helpful info.
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    Congrats on your excellent results - and so refreshing to see them attained in such a sustainable way! Go You and thanks for sharing!
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    Very detailed - congrats to you! Great job on all the resources.
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    Great job! I also love cooking big meals and freezing them for meal prep. It really makes it fun and easy to eat well!
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    Great achievement, and great post! So often we see progress but not how it happened. This is bound to benefit many beginners in the future. Also your dogs are ADORABLE. I’d love for my Maltese, Foggy, to have a bff like yours does :smile:
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    My mom was born and raised in Beirut, so Lebanese food is a large part of my diet. I've had trouble accurately logging it in, so thanks for the links which provide nutritional information.
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    Thanks for sharing! I love the amount of detail..I wish everyone who had success would do a post like this!
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    Thanks for the recipe links, esp. the ones for southern food...
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    Very cool! You make it looks easy. Did you add back in your exercise calories or just keep the same cals throughout?

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    Those recipes! Thank you!
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    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THOSE RECIPES! I made vegan beef kafta and quinoa tabouli last night and i feel like i have *finally* eaten well!!! Thank you!
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