Floor work outs hurt my wrists

hey there, i was doing this at home work out video a few weeks ago and i ended up having wrist pains in my left wrist for weeks following the work out and it really discouraged me from wanting to do floor work outs like push up position and similar are hard on my wrists. any suggestions/anyone have the same problem? im going to keep doing yoga and such and stretch accordingly but.... it sucks


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    Why did it hurt? Because a nerve became trapped? Because your wrists are too weak? Or not flexible enough? Without knowing this there's no answer to it, you know.
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    I used to have this problem a few years ago, because of carpal tunnel syndrome, so I had to get treatment and recovere before resuming exercise. But what happened to me is not necesserily what is happening to you.
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    my husband struggles with this a lot - he's bought push up bars which seem to suit him better. He usually does yoga poses like downdog etc with a clenched fist (knuckles down) which seems very uncomfy to me, but he says it's better. Have you looked at exercises with dumbells that focus just on the wrist movement - assuming you think it's lack of strength rather than injury?
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    Some exercises you might be able to do by clenching your fists and supporting your weight on the folded over part of your hands, from the knuckles to the first joint. For things like pushups you can grasp a dumbbell and let the ends of the dumbbell rest on the floor with the dumbbell oriented lengthwise. This keeps your wrist straight as does the first suggestion. The size of the dumbbell doesn't matter as long as you can fit your hand around it without trapping your fingers.You can roll up a yoga pad or towel and find a hand position on top of that that will be less painful.
    Hope these descriptions make sense! Mostly I'd try to find other exercises to do, but that's just me. LOL. Most exercise programs are presented for that mythical person who has no issues and needs no modifications. Not too many of those people around. ha ha.
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    Thank you so much! and in response to the top comment about what the issue is, that is kind of what im asking, as i dont know why my wrist hurt. I will try these work out modifications tho, thank you!
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    I have carpal tunnel syndrome and have to do modifications. If you try some of the mods for CTS and they help, then you have an idea that it might be CTS.
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    Many yoga instructors suggest that, instead of having your palms flat and putting all your weight on them, that you press your knuckle pads into the floor and slightly cup or dome your palms.

    My instructors jokingly tell us to pretend we have a tiny frog under our palms that we are protecting.

    This takes the weight out of the palms, straightens the wrists a little and puts more of the effort into your arms.

    I’ve found it very effective.