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How to maintain: 5’3 young adult

ginsengstrip2003ginsengstrip2003 Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
I recently lost some weight (I don’t frequently weight myself due to a bad relationship with the scale) and last time I weighed myself, a couple weeks back I was 105 lbs. I’m 5’3 and 18 years old. As background, I struggled with disordered eating and rapidly lost weight while restricting unsustainably and was in “recovery” eating whatever I wanted. This caused rapid weight gain and though I never weighed myself during this time I was extremely unhappy with my appearance. I had lost all muscle mass and had gained nothing but fat, and couldn’t fit in any of my clothes, leaving me in a tricky spot because it fell during quarantine so I was forced to wear whatever I could make work!

I ended up embarked on a healthy, sustainable weight loss journey, adding in walking/jogs, and regular activity, while eating 2-3 meals + a low cal dessert everyday. I lost on 1200-1300 calories a day, with a couple days where I went to 1500 for dining out or friend time.

I’m at 105 (I’m a small framed petite woman who is a F cup and curvy at the weight I’m currently at giving the illusion of weighing More, I assume my BF% is around 24%) and now have achieved almost (not quite there) ideal body proportions without tipping into dangerous or unhealthy ways and I’m very proud of that! My biceps are solid and toned, my stomach is hard and flat (some ab definition) but my thighs could use work. They’re still very much problem areas for me, so my goal is to tone them up.

I want to switch to maintenance to alleviate some of the brain fog and lethargy the deficit has caused, though not severe, I’ve noticed a drop in performance as my weight loss has slowed. I want to maintain but I am in a weight grey zone of not wanting to increase my calories too high and gain, and not wanting to not increase them enough and staying in pseudo maintenance limbo where I’m still hungry.

Young short ladies- what do you maintain on?? Any tips??


  • GigibabyyodaGigibabyyoda Member Posts: 3 Member Member Posts: 3 Member
    We are very similar I also struggle with an eating disoder I lost 27 lbs from 127 to 99. It was too thin now I'm 105 to 115. Five foot 3. My thighs are still the problem area. Outter but running has helped. I do keto. I was up to 115 this year but lost and got down to 105 but sometimes I go up to 110 cause I will have a cheat day. I do keto. I'm a long distance runner and with me it's all or nothing I'm thinking of doing maintenance calories too as I burn so much off and have no energy with keto. Best wishes.
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