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Stuck at 207 +/- from 227 WTH??

mikebxbmikebxb Member Posts: 138 Member Member Posts: 138 Member
I started Nov 2019 tracked all intake, lost 20 lbs but I've now plateau'd or stuck at 207+/- my target is 185. As you can imagine I'm getting frustrated. I've cut back cheese, milk, bread, pasta, potatoes, fried foods. I pat/squeeze all the grease from all lean beef. increased skinless chicken (white meat only) Fish (Salmon or wild caught) choose lean beef. no blue cheese/ranch dressing use vinegar and evoo instead. Swapped Coors for Spiked Seltzer (90 cals/) Most always under 150 carbs/. Stay at or near my 2,000 Cals/. Drink Green tea, Melaleuca smoothies with blueberries prunes apples etc. Eat so much fresh kale, fresh lemon, Ginger root, cinnamon and organic apple, cider I fart fireballs
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  • MorganGetsHealthyMorganGetsHealthy Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
    have a cheat meal and change up your common foods/exercise. Your body just needs something different to shake things up.
  • mikebxbmikebxb Member Posts: 138 Member Member Posts: 138 Member
    Suzy. I really dont mind kale or cider and I like salads. Was never a big bread eater or had a sweet tooth. I always skinned my chicken and rarely eat dark meat chicken. The hard part was dropping the coors, cutting back on spuds, rat cheese, chips and summer sausage. Yes I weigh everything. To answer your Q- I went from 204.5 last week to 210 yesterday morning but stalled around 207 for a month. Thanks for your input. And yes, I wont follow the above cheat meal change. I know what I'm doing is working and I'm certainly eating healthier. I just expected faster results than 20 lbs since last Nov.
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  • SuzySunshine99SuzySunshine99 Member Posts: 1,655 Member Member Posts: 1,655 Member
    Ok cool. Just wanted to make sure you weren't torturing yourself.

    What's your calorie goal? Since you've been stuck for a month, it sounds like you may have found your maintenance-level calories. You may have to drop them a bit more to continue losing weight.
  • mikebxbmikebxb Member Posts: 138 Member Member Posts: 138 Member
    Diary open. use key = mbxb
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