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Round 2 - Harder the second time?

TheFriskyClickerTheFriskyClicker Member, Premium Posts: 2 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2 Member
Hey folks!

With it being August 1st, I decided today was when I get back on track. I'm 35, 36 in 20 days, and almost reached 300 lbs again. Being 5'9", this is pretty heavy. Two years ago, I used MyFitnessPal successfully and got down to 225 lbs but broke my collarbone in my new activity of martial arts that I picked up. Four months, I gained weight due to the pain I didn't do much activity. So 2019 there wasn't much activity as my shoulder still hurts even today. Now, 2020, like everyone else I'm gaining weight with trying to keep with the minimum amount of exposure to those outside my bubble. Today, I weigh in at 286.5 lbs and marks my first day back on getting myself back.

I've noticed I'm getting back into my old self of not wanting to do things, pushing things off, and just content staring at a screen. When I was down to 250, I noticed I was out and about more and willing to go see family. At my peek, I much rather spend my time out and about instead of being at my computer.

My first time through, I did this 100% by myself with only a few folks at work that supported me. This time around, with such limit of even working with other folks I felt this would be the best route to go to get that support. So I'd be happy to add new folks on here and offer support to you as well.
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