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younambyounamb Member Posts: 5 Member Member Posts: 5 Member
Hi Friends Newbie here! How, where do I even begin. Trying to work hard on my nutrition and getting running/walking in. I don’t know how to pick my goal for August.

Any suggestions, tips???



  • Slivnfree1982Slivnfree1982 Member Posts: 235 Member Member Posts: 235 Member
    Pick a goal that is realistic. If your not much of a walker I wouldn’t suggest setting your goal at 20000 steps a day or 3 hours of walking daily. Same with food, if your eating a bunch of junk food and fast food, and have been doing so for x amount of time I wouldn’t say to go cold turkey and drop it all.

    Set realistic goals to your life style and make small changes that you can build on. This is a journey not a race. Good luck!
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