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Angel mom

prismilleraejkprismilleraejk Member Posts: 2 Member Member Posts: 2 Member
As I begin everyone needs to know something about me that sometimes gets in the way. In January 2012, I buried my 16 year old son due to complications from pneumonia. Most days I am fine but on those low days I'd rather sit.
I've been working on my weight and trying to stay healthy for a long time. I have been successful before so I know that I can again but I want it to be forever.
I don't have the greatest of circumstances but I do have some great self control. Others in my house buy and eat what I consider junk food. I do occasionally get into some and am smart enough to know if you don't allow yourself some cravings you will loose control later.
I have some health issues that are holding me back in the exercise department. I have 2 knees that need replaced and have for many years now. I also came into arthritis in my lower back in 2016. Standing for long periods of time are a problem. I put an exercise machine in my house that I can sit and do. Making myself get up and apply that logic is my problem.
I don't want to have a bad (rest of my life) and now I am being told by my Dr. that my A1C is 6.1 (considered pre diabetic. Diabetes is in my family blood line. My grandma, now deceased, and my mom in her late 50's, 20 years ago was diagnosed.
I have been helping myself... reading, researching, learning and trying to apply things that can be permanent. I have had some success that has never gone back so I feel hopeful for this journey.


  • dmkoenigdmkoenig Member Posts: 269 Member Member Posts: 269 Member
    Sorry about your loss, it's a credit to you that you have been able to move forward with your life in a positive way. In my unprofessional opinion, a diet rich in vegetables and whole foods will help out tremendously with your diabetes risk. Check out for a lot of good videos on ways to combat diabetes risk. is one for example. Keep in mind Dr. Greger is an avid vegan, but there is compelling science behind what he says. You don't have to completely eliminate meat but there is a lot of good information in his videos that can help improve your diet. On the exercise front, you may want to consider yoga. Yoga is great for developing core strength and improving flexibility and your range of movement. Yoga can also be a tremendously helpful meditative practice on your difficult days. There are a lot of good yoga videos on youtube and some free apps as well. Good luck and stay with it!
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