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If a break up motivated you to start working out, share your story and lets heal together!

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For 6 years of my life i was in a relationship that seemed incredibly loving and real or so seemed. At the core of it there were so many lies and toxicity.She(51 when we but 56 now) was much older and took advantage of my(23 When we met but 28 now) naivety and trusting nature. I was so blinded by love that i did not even notice all the control and manipulation. She did not feel beautiful so she felt the need to keep me looking unattractive and hate myself because she was unhappy with her life. She lied about who she was, what she did in her past, made up stories about people in her life just so i would trust her and like her. I still pains me that throughout our relationship she did not value or trust me enough to share the truth with. She maintained her lies to the very end. Once i confronted her about these lies, she got upset and blocked me permanently. We had built so much supposed love and trust in each other but i guess it was all just a farce and i was being manipulated to meet her emotional needs while she satisfied her other other needs with other men. It is painful to discover that you gave someone your whole heart and yet they only gave you a piece in order to protect themselves. I was truly foolish and should have paid attention to all the red flags i encountered during the relationship. I will not sit her completely paint her black however. We share great moments together. We most surely did. In fact we became the best of friends and deep down, friends is truly all that we should have stayed. I know i dodged a bullet and i wish her well and hope she finds happiness somehow while being a compulsive liar. I truly do hope she changes because she is a very kind and loving person. We were just not meant for each other and should have realized that sooner. I, however, realize that i have a lot of life ahead of me and in time the pain will hurt a lot less. I hope she is able to make the changes she needs to make in a life so she can one day truly find the happiness she is looking for.

Anyways I've been on Keto for 4 months now and i am feeling great and ready to move on with my life and do the things that i need to do for myself! If you have a similar story you want to share that motivated you, this is the place to do it. Looking forward to hearing from all of you! Take care and stay motivated to keep reaching those goals! My Instagram is Jaymow05 and I will be sharing my fitness journey there if anyone is interested in following me along the way!
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