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road to recovery

hillpatrick74hillpatrick74 Member, Premium Posts: 1 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1 Member
Hello. just started not long ago I'm a 253 pounder. got injury at work about 5 years ago and have been dealing with two failed neck surgery's and right shoulder surgery. and on top of that the company i worked for didn't believe maintenance workers needed safety equipment or protection from the fumes from plastic injection molding? so i got some lung damage. so it's been up hill battle for me but got to that point were i need to return to work and i need to loose some weight so i can be productive at work and would like to get back to living life instead of doing nothing. i just got over a gout flair up been trying to walk 10 miles a day so far i have gotten close but not quit there yet. and working on eating correct. the program says if i can stick to my goals i can loose some good weight but I'm not all that sure been on long term prednisone and that takes it's toll on the body and also pain medication. I'm hopeful that once i get in better shape i can cut down on prednisone and same for pain medication. will see how things go i started about 4 weeks ago and gained one pound. think i may be building muscle and retaining water but that is to be expected. I'm quite aware that it took some time to put on this weight and it's not going to go away with out keeping on track and eating correct was bit surprised about weight gain with all the walking. but the i remember the prednisone and pain medication. the pain med's get you plugged up and prednisone retains water going have to talk with my doctor to see what else i can do to. help. anyway hello


  • LaLaDsWeighTakeTwoLaLaDsWeighTakeTwo Member Posts: 18 Member Member Posts: 18 Member
    Hey Patrick. I’m sorry to hear about all you have been through. Sounds like you’ve had a tough few years. I, too, am on a weight loss journey while living on prednisone. Feel free to add me if you are looking for more support on your journey! 💛
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