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building/retaining muscle with tendonitis and arthritis

MissDenise3MissDenise3 Member Posts: 2 Member Member Posts: 2 Member
I'm hoping to find some good info from people who have the issues I've mentioned. I've been doing walks (about 5 days a week, just 2 miles a day. I am wanting to lose just about 14 lbs, but also build muscle. I have my own weight equipment here at home. I stopped the weights about 2 months ago because I have developed whats called trigger finger in my left hand, and also elbow pain in my right elbow. These things had already started a few years ago because of my job. Over-use, etc. I believe what I do has kept them at bay. No pills, just natural things and only on occasion, ibuprofen.

I'm 67 so of course it's partly age, but I have been eating very healthy for some time now, mostly vegetarian, but I make sure to get "what I think is enough" protein according to my exercise routine.

I want to start lifting again, and I do some body weight like pushups when I'm in that mode. I need to meet some gals that have really improved/lowered their pain levels. I want to stick with vegetarian for several reasons. One is that my allergies have gone to almost zero. I do a lot of alternative stuff like ACV, lemon juice and Ginger. I've started Turmeric recently as well and I put that in Almond Milk, Orgain Organic with 8 g protein.

Anyway, that's enough for now to see if anyone can relate, and maybe help me get into more things to help, and maybe which exercises/weights are best for people that have same sorts of ailments.

Thanks in advance for any help. Denise


  • springlering62springlering62 Member, Premium Posts: 1,242 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,242 Member
    Hi Denise. I can only tell you what’s worked for me. I am 58, female, SW222+, CW131.

    I have joint pain which is “probably” arthritis, per my Rhuematologist, but which I attribute to multiple bouts of Rhuematuc Fever. It severely and painfully attacked my joints each time, so it makes sense to me that’s the source of a lot of it.

    My doctor prescribed Meloxicam and something else but I was reluctant to take them. My fear was, if I relied on them in my late 40’s, they wouldn’t be effective down the road, or I’d need something even stronger.

    I had reached the point getting out of bed in the morning was difficult, the staircase was often a no-go unless I could loosen up somehow.

    I started out for several years doing simple stretches for about thirty minutes every morning. I did calf and hamstring stretches, various shoulder rotations, seated/folded “cobblers pose”, and the one I felt was most effective: 120 hip circles (30 in each direction then switch the cross of my legs and repeat).

    I began doing yoga once or twice a week.

    After yet another bout of Rhuematuc Fever (I’m a unicorn!) I decided to increase the frequency and difficulty of yoga classes.

    When I decided to lose weight, I increased to yet more yoga classes, and tried mat Pilates. I loved it! It builds a lot of core strength and I found it helped with additional flexibility.

    Like you, I walk a lot. I also run a bit, and I took up weights.

    Any pain I have these days isn’t arthritis-y. It’s generally over use, over stretching, bruises from some wierd new yoga position (8 Angle was a treat yesterday), knots from barbells on shoulders, low back from not putting my legs into a lift, etc.

    That kind of pain I can live and be happy with. It’s the pain of living life, rather than living with life sucking arthritis.

    My mother had arthritis, and instead of choosing to do something about it, she thought she could limit the pain by not moving. She has been fully bedridden for years, and is currently being spoon fed and diaper changed.

    I do not choose that choice.

    I’d suggest seeing if there’s some good stretching classes nearby or online or with a trainer. Something to at least show you what to do.

    I’d also suggest some basic yoga classes. Yin classes might help. The philosophy behind yin is that you hold a pose for 1-5 minutes. It loosens you up and supposedly helps rebuild fascia.

    Our local gym offers many mat classes for seniors. My husband enjoys aqua fit classes there in the slightly heated pool.

    If you enjoy the classes, you can advance at your own speed. Or just enjoy the healing benefits.

  • MissDenise3MissDenise3 Member Posts: 2 Member Member Posts: 2 Member
    Wow Spring, your letter is so welcome! I had thought about the stretching, and the yoga as well and I just know you are right on the mark! I just have to do it because I will fight to stay as agile as possible. I know too many who are bedridden, or on walkers etc. Some I know had no choice in it, but I still do. I would love to talk to you again, and hope you won't mind me sending a friend request. I have the food thing down and just don't want to log, but I will keep track of all my new activities. I know I can find scads of videos on the stretching, and the yogs. I can't thank you enough for telling me all you've done.

    I also think I need to trade my scads of vitamin supplements for one, good multi and add chondroten and glucosamine. Already have and taking the MSM. I don't over due any of my supps, in fact I probably under-do but I see my little Nurse Prac. this Tuesday and I'll ask her. Now I am really set to start my day right tomorrow! thanks again, Denise
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