Which apps or games help keep you motivated to walk, run, or swim greater distances?

Here are the ones I know of so far, got any others?

The Walk
Zombies, Run!
Walking 4 Fun Virtual PCT
Pokemon Go!


  • GummiMundi
    GummiMundi Posts: 396 Member
    I use C25K.
  • stacybaker707
    stacybaker707 Posts: 126 Member
    I use sweatcoin. It tracks your outdoor steps and gives you “coins” based on how much you walk. You can spend the coins on all kinds of stuff.
  • KimiAR
    KimiAR Posts: 117 Member
    Fitness22 has a 10K plan I bought. I like I can throttle it back and forward. It’s not exactly the staging I would do but maybe that’s a good thing
  • BekkahNP
    BekkahNP Posts: 4 Member
    I bought the DDP Yoga now app and I love it - great work out and can do it any where! Tracks your progress, motivates and the people on the app were once like me :-)....
  • NorthCascades
    NorthCascades Posts: 10,970 Member
    Bulger List
  • stevehenderson776
    stevehenderson776 Posts: 324 Member
    Not really an app, but for me I'll get an audiobook I know I'll really like and then only allow myself to listen to it if I'm exercising.
  • springlering62
    springlering62 Posts: 6,584 Member
    Just discovered podcasts.

    I like true crime but make sure I walk in open areas. You develope the habit of looking over your shoulder.

    Stuff You Should Know and 99% Invisible have been interesting, as has, very unexpectedly, Ballard Designs.