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Not gaining weight & mass

dtaber38dtaber38 Member Posts: 12 Member Member Posts: 12 Member
Hi. I’ve been lifting since March and have gained 11lbs in 3 months. However for the last couple of months I’ve not been able to increase my weight and feel it’s having an impact on progressive loads in the gym. I’ve worked out my calculations on several occasions, and to bulk, it’s working out at 2600 calories. I don’t really want to add anymore calories as some of it is going on my stomach.
My diet:
1st meal: 3 whole eggs and 1 yolk on multi seed bread
2nd meal: porridge oats with whey protein
3rd meal: Chicken, sweet potato, broccoli
4th meal: protein shake with Rice cakes
5th meal: Salmon, chicken or lamb with rice, couscous or potato with some greens
6th meal: Yoghurt.
Macros 40/35/25
Has anyone got any advice please.


  • jjsavohjjsavoh Member Posts: 133 Member Member Posts: 133 Member
    Maybe it’s simply time to pick a new workout program? I assume you’ve been following one given you’ve been at it a while. You’ve been lifting since March and if you’ve done it consistently, I would assume the growth is going to slow due to adaptation. I slowed in adding weight from week to week so I switched from PPLPPLR which I’d be doing fairly consistently for 4-5 months - to 3x a week full body routine (actually every other day) and I’m seeing strength gains for every lift again.

    And it’s sounds like a tough spot. Carb/protein/fat split is pretty much in line with what I’ve read as a recommendation though sometimes with a higher carb and lower fat ratio. If you want to “lean bulk”, then expect monthly growth to slow. If you care about faster mass and weight, you’ll need more calories and expect to see more fat, but you’ll also have to spend more time cutting on the backend - so is it even worth it.

    Could just need a mindset change. You got used to the progress you saw as you started and you’re in transition. Think about it and see what’s right for your situation. Hope you figure it out.
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  • dtaber38dtaber38 Member Posts: 12 Member Member Posts: 12 Member
    I have started a new programme as my last one was adapted to training indoors, now I have the chance to use some decent equipment at last in the gym. In fact I’m doing a lot more training on individual body parts than before, so do end up getting a little fatigued.
    I’ve also got an old shoulder injury which is causing some problems, don’t think I’ll ever fix that though, as I damaged the muscle falling through a glass door, it burns like hell when training.
    I’ll keep going though, I love training, it’s a great outlet.
  • sardelsasardelsa Member Posts: 9,637 Member Member Posts: 9,637 Member
    If you aren't gaining weight over time and that is your goal, you need to eat more. Add 100-150cals, then reassess.
  • DevilsFan1DevilsFan1 Member, Premium Posts: 342 Member Member, Premium Posts: 342 Member
    How much do you weigh and what are your best recent sets?
  • ChieflrgChieflrg Member Posts: 8,579 Member Member Posts: 8,579 Member
    Is there a reason you are only chosi to increase inrensity as a means of progressive overload?

    If you know, what is the average intensity you are training now compared to when you switched programs? Frequency change?

    Also I just noticed you are training individual body parts which depending on you load management is suspect.

    I also would keep in mind if your goal is hypertrophy, I wouldn't measure success on the ability to train with heavier weights. Though I'm a firm believer of both styles in a program, they are two entirely different training styles in most cases.
  • jessef593jessef593 Member Posts: 2,281 Member Member Posts: 2,281 Member
    If it's going to your stomach then you're gaining weight

    If you're not gaining weight then reevaluate your work out program and start eating more damn food!
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